Saturday, April 30, 2011

Off to work

Yesterday was kindergarten registration at my school. When I left on maternity leave, I said I would definitely come in for this day. John agreed to take the day off and it wasn't going to be a big deal. Unfortunately, the lovely state mandated test that John has to give was bumped up a week making Friday his last teaching day before the test. I found this out on Monday and knew I had already committed to being at registration, so we were in a spot. I haven't left Olivia except for once and that was earlier this week to just prepare for yesterday. So, thankfully, mom and dad jumped in to help. I had to be at work by 6:45, and Olivia had a rough night but always wakes up at 6:00 to go back down for a couple hours with me. This day was different. I couldn't go back to sleep or snuggle. I had to get up. She laid in bed with John while I got a shower, but then she joined me in the bathroom while I got ready. So, off to work I went for the first time since she had been home. As I pulled out of the garage, she was blowing kisses, and seemed ok. Mom came at 7:00 so John could leave for work. She did great with mom, but took an early nap since she had gotten up so early. We were hoping to avoid this, but that wasn't optional. This is not at all how we wanted to go about leaving her. We wanted to be able for me to be home and mom to be here for a few days with me outside and mom inside caring for Olivia. Once she was ok with this, I was going to go run some errands anther time leaving her here with mom. We were going to build up to the whole leaving thing. Instead, it was basically 'oh, now you can hold her--by the way, can you feed her, change her, and watch her for a full day?' We had only been letting people hold her for a week (parents 2 weeks), so this was just not the ideal way to work her in to this. However, she did great while mom was here. She ate well, and watched the Royal Wedding with mom and waved at Kate everytime she waved to the crowd. I came home and since then, she does not like it if I am out of her sight. I don't know if it is because she is tired or if it because we left. We are going to step back and go about our 'warm up routine' that was originally planned before the big leave yesterday. No damage done, but I hated that I had to leave her. It was just not an option. When I got home, she seemed initially less than interested in me, and of course my brain went to 'great, she isn't attached!' I think the attachment worry is just going to be there for awhile with me. I pulled up and saw mom's car and then saw my dad's motorcycle. Really, it was a gorgeous day and dad was not on his bike, but in my kitchen giggling with Olivia. I am pretty sure Olivia could tear our house down and my parents would say, "she's just little and she just doesn't know." Please people, this kid knows EXACTLY what she is doing. They are just being the good ole Grammy and Grampy--and we love them very much! :) Thanks for pitching in and helping!
I have to add--it was so nice to be able to actually ask for help. That wasn't even optional 2 weeks ago. I still feel like it is a very limited option, but I know if I am in a pinch or need a couple hours that I can call on them. That alone is a big load off for us!

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