Sunday, January 30, 2011

19 months and planning

As I sit here typing my parents, John and I are discussing travel! We are trying to figure out who is taking what bag, when we think we will get to go, flight times, etc. We are so excited to go get our girl! Poor John hates to fly and I am personally not looking forward to the flight but hopefully we will get there and back in one piece! As we plan I am thinking about how our little one is now 19 months old. She celebrated her 19th month this past Thursday! I am hoping that this was the last milestone she will make without her momma!!! I am so hopeful that we get her home in the near future. This past Friday we found out that the national visa office could see Olivia's picture! This puts us really close to a travel call! However, Korea celebrates the Lunar New Year this week and everything will be closed so there will not be any movement this week. Everyone I have talked to got there travel call shortly after they heard that they could see their child's at the visa office! So, theoretically I feel like we are close! Please continue to pray for us as we prepare to go to Korea and bring home our daughter. We don't expect the road ahead to be easy as we transition into a family of three. Olivia will be coming to a place of total unfamiliarity. We will love her and console her but we know she will have to grieve all of her recent losses. Olivia we are coming! We can't wait to see your sweet face and hold you.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Heaven Sent a year ago today

A year ago today, we walked into one of many different agencies we were going to look at. I had researched many agencies for a couple months and we had an appointment at another agency later in the week.
We drove as fast as we could to get to Murfreesboro before this particular social worker had to leave to meet her family. She said she would wait on us to get there. I had compiled our scrapbook the day before because we were undecided on international or domestic. She asked several questions and then asked what countries we would be interested in. We discussed several then she said, "well, I can show you two of the cutest kids right now." With that, she picked up her phone and called her husband asking for him to bring the kids over. Twenty minutes later, in walked a beautiful girl from China and her adorable brother from South Korea. We melted! I personally just wanted to take these two home, but their mamma disagreed. :) I think the first thing out of my mouth was, "where do we sign?"

The daughter left shortly after stopping by with her dad as they were going to go ahead and make the grocery run. The little boy stayed adn was drawn to John calling him "man" the whole time we were there. John played and talked to the little boy as if they had known each other for years. As we left, he came and poked his head through the mail slot to tell "man" bye!
We left HSC with a homestudy date and making the first payment of many. We haven't looked back at the agency we decided on and feel completely at home there. It truly was Heaven Sent! I called the next day to cancel all appointments we had made with other agencies.
We were so excited to have been led to Heaven Sent Children. Our social worker who we met with that first meeting, Stephanie, has not only led us to our child, but become a wonderful friend. We have loved hanging out with her family as well as mutual friends that we have met through adoption. We are so excited to bring Olivia into this group of children that will always share a common bond.
Steph, thanks for walking us through this journey and cheering us on the entire way. I am so grateful for our relationship. We love Noah and Sophia and cannot wait for all the adventures our families will have over the years to come!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Going, going.....

GONE! Yep, I lost it! I have done so well keeping my emotions in check. I have put a smile on and when people ask, "how are you doing" I smile and say "great!" Yeah, we all know "great" is a big fat lie, but really that question is not meant to answer with your life troubles. However, last week my hopes were built so high that we would get that call and travel soon (like days not weeks). Well, slowly my high begin to sink. I tried to stay busy, but I could only think, "why haven't we heard?" By Monday, I was really struggling. It was becomming obvious to friends that I was not my normal self. I just kept telling myself, "soon Laura, soon." During recess, I logged on to check my email, and had a email from our agency. It was Olivia's Dol pictures from her 1st birthday. I was excited to see the email, but when I opened it and saw how cute she looked I burst into tears. I realized that I am still getting pictures and not holding her. I had set my brain to think that we would get these pictures from her FM. She will be 19 mos. old on Thursday and today hits the 10th month of waiting. It was more than I could take in at that moment. I hope and pray that this is the last month marker of waiting......

I quickly exited my room and found someone to cover it so I could pull my self together so my kids would not see me upset. The more I let myself cry, the harder I cried. I ended up going to the office so I wouldn't see as many people. I went in our principal's office where I snotted/cried for the next 45 minutes. Both principals sat and talked with me and prayed for John, me and Olivia towards the end. Thank goodness I work in a wonderful family atmosphere! Needless to say, I was emotionally exhausted last night and didn't have it in me to blog about the day.

So.....the pictures that sent me over the they are! Geeze she is CUTE!

**Side note~ It has taken me 3 1/2 hours to upload these 2 small pics. Bloggers....have you had this trouble? This has happened the last couple of times I go to post a pic. What can I do differently? I can't wait this amount of time in Korea to post lots of pics and video. :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ring phone!

This is hard!!! This is by far harder than the previous nine and a half months. We are so close, but we are still waiting for the 'go ahead.' To make this part even more difficult, other people that were caught in the quota are getting thier EP's approved. I know ours will be at the right time, but it is just hard. I guess I let my hopes get way too high earlier in the week, and have just felt that low since then. I was so hoping we would be there at the end of this month, though knowing it isn't likely, the hope was there. February is a special month here and I don't want to miss a couple of events that are important to me as well as family and friends. However, when we get that call, we are gone!!!! I just want it all, I guess. Ha, that isn't how it works though is it?! A massive thank you to my friends and family who have been right there, especially in these last few days to continue to encourage us and pray for us. It means the world to get a text or an email. I know people must think, 'she has been talking about going to Korea forever...she must not really be going.' Well, I can't help all the unknowns and processes in adoption, but we will go....SOON.

Monday was a very tough day. Tuesday, we thought we were going to 'get the call.' My mom made the comment, "it is always darkest before dawn." Guess it is still dark? Everytime the phone rings, I jump, thinking, 'if I don't think this is the call, it will be.' Really dumb, I know. Today, my sister called. I said, "You have to start texting me before you call. I thought you were the call." She felt bad, that was not the intention.

My stomach is in knots and the days are long. I feel like I have done so well over this wait. Yes, I am patting myself on the back right now! However, now, I can't stand this.....RING PHONE!

I will end with a sweet thing that my neice said to my mom today. We have talked to her alot about Olivia and she is excited. I don't think she realizes how it will change our relationship. I am sad that will change, but I know she is going to love her 'best baby cousin.'

Here is the email I got on what she said:

Olivia, I want you to be safe coming home. I love you Olivia. Be healthy. Take care of Olivia, YaYa and drive safely John. I want you to be safe and good. Oscar Parker, you be safe, too. I love you YaYa, John and Oscar."

By the way, I am YaYa! :) Annelyn, my neice, is 3 1/2! Love her SO MUCH.

Monday, January 17, 2011


We are so excited that we can hardly wait to go to Korea to get our little one. Unfortunately, these days are passing at the pace of a turtle going backwards! We have been out of school for snow for a week, and I am a bit bored. It is too cold to do anything outside and I don't need to go spend money. (as fun as that is and all!)
My niece has also been here for the last week because her dad had surgery. We have played barbies, watched Max and Ruby (many times), played kitchen, and anything else a 3 year old likes to do --not to mention the 2 slumber parties we have had together. So yes, I have been busy. We have had fun, but I just seem to feel blah. I don't know why? I think I am tired of waiting on an indefinite date. I just want to know the 'when' we will go at this point. We are so close. I think this part has been much harder than the rest of the wait. Come on February!! I hope we get to travel then. I may loose my mind if we don't!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Yesterday was an exciting day here at our house! While I had stared at my phone and checked email a thousand times an hour, nothing happened on Monday or Tuesday. Wednesday was our first day back to school from Christmas break (no students). We had a faculty meeting first thing. I took my phone with me and told my friends the thing just must not work. :) Right after our meeting, I went to the office to check on something and was told I had a phone call from some Children's family or something. I immediately knew who that would be and went running for the phone from the back of the office. I got nervous and excited all at the same time. What if our SW was calling to tell us we didn't make the cut. Well, luckily, she said, "I was just calling to let you know that you are in the 1st batch." I was THRILLED!!!! I totally forgot to ask anything logical. Her estimate to travel was at most 10 weeks. I am hoping it is MUCH sooner, but to finally see an end to this wait is an amazing feeling!!!! So, here we step closer!
Please keep praying that we get through this process quickly and they submit her a Visa a.s.a.p.! The earliest people have seen travel happen from this point is a month, however, we were told it could be a bit longer due to the size of the 'batch' that was submitted. I would LOVE to get her home at the end of this month, but in all truth, it will likely be February at the earliest. Come on travel call!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

It's finally done!

We started the room for Olivia back in April during spring break (There is a post with just the mural, and no furniture. Then we added furniture Aug/Sept. and now the bedding and curtains are in!) Tonight, it is finally DONE! I was a bit indecisive on fabric choices (overwhelmed!) but finally found some that seemed to suit the room. It only took me a month to find the right fabric! :) The only thing left to do is to get knobs for the top of the window treatments. I have looked for probably 5 hours online and have been to every craft store in the area, but can't find exactly what I want. Here are some pictures of the room completely ready and waiting for her.

For most, buying diapers would be no big deal. I have bought lots of diapers (being a nanny and having a neice), but I haven't ever bought any FOR MY OWN CHILD! You wouldn't believe how exciting that is to actually have them in my house for my child. It seems so surreal to think that in a few weeks there will be a toddler running around. I know I have had plenty of time to prepare for this, but it still seems so impossible. I just can't believe it! I am so excited, nervous, thrilled, terrified, and any other emotion you could think of.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well, I had this great post on going through all the great things of 2010 month by month that I was going to write last night. We are ready for a happy new year and I was pumped! Well, we came home last night and I was going to sit down and write it. Upon walking in our house we noticed it was a bit chilly. Guess what? Our heat is out! John said, 'well what you do on the first day of the year is what you will be doing the rest of the this any indication?' (yes mom, he was making fun of you and your superstitions.) I slept under 7 blankets and stayed pretty cozy last night. It was when I went to take a shower this morning that I could feel the chill. We just got our gas logs turned on, so hopefully that will help soon! (yes, we have been here 6 years and never used them! They had to be hooked up or something.) So, I am sitting here in my coat and scarf under a blanket with Oscar sitting next to me with his coat on...I am sure you are now laughing!
In the meantime, our heat/air guy came. He said earlier today that it would be tomorrow before he could come. John said well at least we are covered. We chose our heating unit partially because we got a 10 yr. parts and labor warranty. They got under the house and it looks like raccoons have messed something up. NOT COVERED! Ugh!

So, happy 2011....this better NOT be an indication on how this year will be! :)

Now, for the post I was playing with in my head yesterday......

Looking back, 2010 had a lot to offer. It was a good year and quite a bit happened!

January: John and I made the decision to adopt. A whirlwind of events began to take place as we prepared to get started on this process.

February: Annelyn turned 3.
I was checking the WIC daily!

March: We got a REFERRAL. It came on March 25th. We saw our beautiful tiny girl.
John and I also both had birthdays.

April: Not a grand month! We received notice about the 'quota' and that it would be 2011 before bringing home our girl.

May: My sister had a birthday and school was coming to an end! Plus, one more month down of waiting!

June: We had something every weekend during the month! We had our shop and swap (which was a success and fun!) I had a garage sale, and Olivia turned 1!!!! What a fun celebration we had, but boy am I missing this kiddo about now!

July: Well, another month under our belt of waiting is going by! We enjoyed the pool and friends and celebrated our anniversary.

August: Back to school! I start to planning for an interim for when I am on maternity leave. (ok, I have actually worked on this planning since May, but who is counting, right?)

September: My dad celebrates 65! I had my first baby shower for Miss Olivia and got lots of great stuff! Thanks Traci, Leslie and Ashley for all you did!

October: Halloween fun! We had a fire pit at the end of my parents drive and had hot dogs and smores as trick or treaters came. We also talked about how NEXT YEAR (that is THIS year!) Olivia would be here dressed up going house to house and how fun it will be!
One of my best friends (see Traci's baby shower back in August) welcomed her gorgeous twin girls into the world! They are so sweet.

November: My mom turned 60 and my uncle turned 70! (I hate this aging doesn't make me very happy!) The holidays are going and time is moving on which means we will meet Olivia soon.

December: Merry Christmas! We celebrated a white Christmas and enjoyed family time. I began to prepare (I mean REALLY prepare) for our trip to Korea. I got all of my interim stuff ready through the remainder of the year. I have bought diapers, puffs, toys, etc. for travelling. I have all gifts ready to take, and Olivia's clothes are laid out and ready to pack.
We received the waiver B form. We have to be close!!!!

Happy New Year! Goodbye 2010, hello 2011! May it get better than it began as far as our heat outage with the raccoons. :)