Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ring phone!

This is hard!!! This is by far harder than the previous nine and a half months. We are so close, but we are still waiting for the 'go ahead.' To make this part even more difficult, other people that were caught in the quota are getting thier EP's approved. I know ours will be at the right time, but it is just hard. I guess I let my hopes get way too high earlier in the week, and have just felt that low since then. I was so hoping we would be there at the end of this month, though knowing it isn't likely, the hope was there. February is a special month here and I don't want to miss a couple of events that are important to me as well as family and friends. However, when we get that call, we are gone!!!! I just want it all, I guess. Ha, that isn't how it works though is it?! A massive thank you to my friends and family who have been right there, especially in these last few days to continue to encourage us and pray for us. It means the world to get a text or an email. I know people must think, 'she has been talking about going to Korea forever...she must not really be going.' Well, I can't help all the unknowns and processes in adoption, but we will go....SOON.

Monday was a very tough day. Tuesday, we thought we were going to 'get the call.' My mom made the comment, "it is always darkest before dawn." Guess it is still dark? Everytime the phone rings, I jump, thinking, 'if I don't think this is the call, it will be.' Really dumb, I know. Today, my sister called. I said, "You have to start texting me before you call. I thought you were the call." She felt bad, that was not the intention.

My stomach is in knots and the days are long. I feel like I have done so well over this wait. Yes, I am patting myself on the back right now! However, now, I can't stand this.....RING PHONE!

I will end with a sweet thing that my neice said to my mom today. We have talked to her alot about Olivia and she is excited. I don't think she realizes how it will change our relationship. I am sad that will change, but I know she is going to love her 'best baby cousin.'

Here is the email I got on what she said:

Olivia, I want you to be safe coming home. I love you Olivia. Be healthy. Take care of Olivia, YaYa and drive safely John. I want you to be safe and good. Oscar Parker, you be safe, too. I love you YaYa, John and Oscar."

By the way, I am YaYa! :) Annelyn, my neice, is 3 1/2! Love her SO MUCH.


  1. Come on travel call! You know, we were in the adoption process 15 months before we got our referral. At my lowest, a few days before that magical call, someone wrote that on my blog, it is always darkest..... and it really was true. I pray your very long wait is almost over.

  2. Oh girl... it's so true. The HARDEST wait of the whole process is those final days before the travel call. Hang in there, and the day the call comes will be so glorious!

  3. You know I get it! This is so hard. Stomach in knots, not sleeping, mind racing... UGH...
    Surely this week we will hear something!
    You know, right now in Korea they are settling in on Sunday night. While we sleep it will be Monday, when we wake... Maybe we will hear some good news. We have to keep hoping! At least I do!!!

  4. this part is EXCRUCIATING! i cried every time someone asked when we would be leaving because i had no idea and was SO frustrated. but, as someone who was in your shoes a little over a month ago, let me just say that when it comes, you are going to be crazy with trying to get things done and trying to wrap your mind around FINALLY having your little one home. as much as you can right now, enjoy nights out with your hubs, take your time running errands and meeting up with friends, etc, because everyone is right, once that little one comes, oh boy, everything is turned upside down -- of course, in the greatest way possible ;)
    praying for you, laura!!

  5. That call really does come when you least expect it - as crazy as that sounds!! Praying your phone rings SOON so you can go get your sweet Olivia. I promise you it won't be long now! Get ready to start packing! I know your parents and Leslie are dying for her to come home too!

    PS - I am so sad we aren't going to get to see you guys at the dinner in March. : ( Tell everyone "Hi" for us!