Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

This afternoon we headed to Murfreesboro to visit our friends Stephanie and Brian. They were hosting our 2nd annual Memorial Day cookout. Last year we went and definitely had something missing, but this year our little Olivia was in full attendance! It took her a while to warm up. She hung out with us eating (everyone else's food) and hanging around the adults.

She ventured over to the cars that were out on the driveway and hung out with Niko and Silas.

Then the pool came out.

She got very interested and we walked over to see what was going on. She cheered from the wagon and stood back and watched for a bit.

Finally, I took her by the hand and asked her if she wanted to go down the slide into the pool. Miss Fearless climbed the steps and went down like a champ. She loved it!!!!

She went a few more times and just as she was really getting into it, it was time to eat dinner! We wrapped her up in her towel and came in to eat. She ate a great dinner!!! We visited for a while and then it was time to hit the road to head home.

We are so lucky to have formed these friendships. I hope that Olivia always has this group to hang out with as she grows up. They are such neat and fun kiddos and we always enjoy our time with them!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

In the ghetto......(you know the song, right?)

I am totally joking! I am sure you know the song "In the Ghetto" and that is all that I hear as look at my back yard. Laugh with me here people. Look, we have a gorgeous pool that is a current mess! It is nasty!

We are waiting on it to be fixed. We called on the 16th of May and were told it took 2 weeks to get a liner in so we chose ours and called the next day so it would be ready by June. They just ordered the liner (at least I hope they have ordered it!), so this is what we have to look at for now. Fun, right? We have been told it will be ready no later than the 15th of June, so we will see. It has a horrible smell that goes with it. Along with that, we have the cinder blocks that were holding down the liner that we haven't put up yet, the little kiddie pool right up to the big pool, the lawn mower complete with gas can out next to it, tall grass and yard work to be done. So, I will just sing my song until it is all done. Don't get me wrong, I love my house and my yard, but just not right now. It is quite comical!
This morning, we went out and filled up the pool with good ole hose water and let Olivia have at it. She loves the water. It is a shame that our pool isn't up and running as it should be. She played with side walk chalk, bubbles, pulled her Dora chair up to sun, and was sporting her lovely pink necklace. She was pleased!

After nap and our Sunday afternoon lunch with John's family, we came home and John's mom came to watch Olivia so John and I could go paint. They had a great time from the sound of things. Olivia loves her Nana!
She has a toe nail that seems to have some kind of fungus. Lately, she has been into putting on and taking off her shoes. While she and Nana were playing, one of the shoes snagged the already loose toe nail. By the time I got home, it was hanging on by a thread. It was really gross! Olivia wasn't bothered by it in the least. I looked at it and decided I could just pull it off. Then I decided I couldn't. Luckily, her Nana was still here and grabbed it and it came right off. Olivia didn't even look up from her toy. We put some peroxide on and a band-aid.
At this point, John was still at school painting, so Olivia, Oscar and I loaded up and headed back to school to paint some more. Olivia really wanted to help tonight! She finally decided that she would settle with playing with an aqua doodle instead. We had a fun day. I think I enjoyed it the most. I got to hang out with John for the full day which is something we haven't done in a long time. We laughed and enjoyed each other's company.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Playing, packing and celebrating!

We got up early Tuesday and headed down to the doctors office. I had to have a quick blood draw for our new insurance. have to go fasting or I could have had it done when I got the physical done the day before. Olivia was very interested in the needle and the blood. She sat in my lap and was watching every second. We got home and she had her speech evaluation. I am not sure if she will qualify, but we will soon find out. She did fail her vision test. Apparently, her pupils don't dialate. We have a appointment at Vanderbilt coming up, so I am hopeful that we learn more then. I am hoping she doesn't have to have more eye surgery due to scar tissue. I guess we are in the wait and see time.
Wednesday afternoon was our friend Amanda's last day here in the states so we went to a local lunch spot that we always hit when she is home. We laughed at how our lives have changed. She has three kids, but only brought the one year old home this trip. So there we sat wrestling our kids and eating lunch. I looked at another table of two friends as they enjoyed their time together. I asked Amanda if she 'remembers when.' We both just laughed and moved on. I am so glad my life has changed!

Later, Olivia and I were home playing and I looked and there was her Minnie Mouse with her tea cups lined up. It seems that they were having a tea party! When I got the camera she immediately cleared the tea party.

Last night, we went to my classroom to get packing!

I decided to change classrooms this year for a fresh start. We got the whole room packed last night!!! We have been a tired group today. I went to work today to help a friend get her room moved. So, tomorrow we will start painting! :) I am hoping to be done with that by Saturday night. Olivia and Oscar were with us and my parents joined the fun too. As mom packed my videos/dvd's, Olivia unpacked them.

John and Dad decided to make her a fun riding toy.

She was determined to get to the sink, so she pulled herself up and climbed in. Look at that says, "oh, you cought me...oh well!"

Yes, it was a lot of work, but I really did have fun. Olivia ran up and down the hall everytime a load was taken. Oscar kept his normal enthusiastic look on his face.

Today we got up and headed to John's school as he was being honored for Teacher of the Year at is school. My mom, his mom, Olivia and I went to join in the celebration. It was great food and I enjoyed getting to talk to some of his co-workers.

When we got back, I changed clothes and went back to school to help with packing and moving. My dad came and helped move my friend Amy. John joined when he got home from work. I think I may possibly have the BEST family in the world!!!
What a day! I am beat!

Please say a prayer for my sweet mom as she has surgery tomorrow. She has a macular hole in her eye and will have to lay face down (in a massage chair) for 7-10 days! We went to their house tonight to eat and let her play with Olivia for a bit as she won't get to see her or hold her for several weeks. Jokingly I told her I needed to take pics. to blog about it, but I think she would kill me! This is not exactly the retirement gift she wanted. Hopefully she won't have any complications and she will be good as new as soon as possible!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just living!

I think this has been the longest span of time that I haven't blogged since Olivia has been home. So, what have we been doing this last week? Just living! Really, this is the point that we were so looking forward to. Olivia is really adjusting and it feels as life is moving again for us. I feel like we were in a hold pattern for so long. From wait time and initial adjustment, I felt like life was on pause. I know she still has a bit to go as far as adjustment, but our days are pretty happy for the most part. We are home today which I find is something she needs and craves. I hope she is always a home body. :) She spend the afternoon with Grammy and Grampy twice in the last week so I could do some work stuff. I think she really enjoyed herself and loves them very much. Sunday morning when they sat down at church Olivia squealed with delight! It was really cute! So that is where we are folks! I am currently starting the planning process for Olivia's birthday which is a month away! I can't believe it!!! What's up next with us? We have two speech evaluations within the next week, we are looking forward to our Memorial Day cookout with friends, my mom is having a bit of surgery, I am moving classrooms and painting the new one I am moving to, and our pool should be opening up soon. I think this is our next week and a half. So, check back, hopefully I will do better at documenting our sweet girl. For now, we are living and we like it that way!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

3 months home!!!

Ok, ok....technically we were in the air at this point, but we had left Korea a day ago. So confusing! I can't believe it has been three months already! She has changed so much. Her language is really coming on and she cracks herself up (and us too) all the time! She has grown a half an inch, but hasn't gained a pound. She has gained a few ounces, but that is it. She is always on the move, but eats like a little pig, so I have no clue why she hasn't gained. Her hair is getting longer and her smile has gotten bigger. These three months have been filled with every emotion possible! What a transition for all of us! I wouldn't trade it for anything, but it hasn't been easy. I have started planning her birthday party and keep thinking back to this time last year. We received a sweet video this week a year ago and I knew every movement that she made in it. I memorized that video. She never made a sound or any facial expressions, but it was amazing to watch. We also received this picture

It still seems so surreal to me. I can't wait to see where this next year takes us. We are all getting into our groove of being together. We are so blessed to get to look at this face everyday! Sometimes I wonder how we got so lucky?!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Family Funnies

Every day when we leave our house, we pass Hardee's. I have noticed that Olivia points everyday at the sign and very proudly says, "mmmmmaaaaaaa!" I say, no baby, that is a star. A cow says moo. We drive on. The other day, John was driving with her and they passed Hardee's and Olivia declared her typical, "mmmmmaaaaaa!" John had NO CLUE where there was a cow, but decided that they would say moo to everything in sight between our house and my parents house (they were coming to pick me up). On our way home that night, we passed Hardee's and Olivia said, "mmmmaaaa!" I did my normal spill and John was hysterically laughing. He said, "I had no clue what she was mooing at earlier!"

They look alike, right????!!!!!

Last night at dinner, we finished and Grammy had made some cookies. Annelyn, who is visiting for the week, ate a great dinner, so I asked her if she was ready for "bessert." (This is what she has called it for quite sometime) She said, Ya Ya, its not bessert its vvvvessert! She was so sure of herself and really carried out the 'v' sound. It was ADORABLE.

Just a couple stories that I wanted to document before I forget them. I love the innocence. It is too bad that they can't stay that way!

Quick update for today....
Today was the first time that Olivia rode in another car besides mine. I had to go to work this afternoon, so mom, dad and Annelyn came to get Olivia to save me some time. I buckled her in as always and kissed her (I do this after I buckle her in everytime we get in the car.) She was fine. I guess she thought I would go around and ride too. As they put the car in reverse and I began to wave a look of fear came over her face. A look we know all to well. I waited five minutes or so and called. She was fine! No tears and looking at a book. Annelyn and Olivia had a great afternoon together (I am sure got away with murder) playing at Grammy and Grampy's. Mom said that she looked for me a few times, but that she didn't get upset and did great. She ate lunch and dinner over there and ate well. John picked her up when he got off work at 6:45 and I got home at 9. We played for a bit when I got home because I didn't want her to go to bed the minute I hit the door. She was happy and her normal silly self. I hope we don't have a rough night tonight because of our day. She seems to be having nightmares the last two nights, so we will see!

Friday, May 13, 2011


or....turtle that is. Today Olivia and I were doing our normal morning bit of walking Oscar when I saw a little bitty turtle in the road. I picked it up and put it in the front opening of Olivia's pink car that I was pushing her in. Well, we got home and picked some grass for the turtle and put him in a box. I was surprised that the bumpy ride in her pink car didn't kill him, so we brought him in and fixed him a home. Olivia was very curious and eager to see. I put the box on the counter and as I was getting Oscar's treat, I heard a thud on the ground. Well, her eagerness got the best of her and she was determined to see that turtle. He was now on the ground, grass and all. I picked him back up and we watched him for a bit. This turtle was not having a good day, but still kickin'. We took him to the bathroom so Olivia could see him but not hurt him. She ran back and forth several times today to check on him. She would walk by and say, "tuta."

Can't you see the excitement Oscar had for the turtle???

He has been there all day and we are going to take him down to the creek and let him go tomorrow. We were going to take him tonight, but we went out to dinner with our friends instead. Priorities, people! :)

On another was my mom's last day at our local high school. CONGRATULATIONS mom!!!! She has been there 39 years (don't know how she did that?!?!) and is officially done today. She will be keeping Olivia in the fall for which I am extremely grateful for!

Hope everyone had a happy Friday the 13th!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cooper time and Neonatal visit....

I guess this post is going to be a two day update. goes.
Tuesday Olivia and I headed to the airport after lunch to pick up Karen, or now better known as KK. For those that don't know who this is, she is a dear friend who has been living in Mexico as a missionary. She gets to come home usually a couple times a year, and I always look forward to this. She and I have been friends since we were 2 years old! I hope our girls will be friends like that. She is currently 27 weeks pregnant with her first baby and it is a GIRL!
As I pulled up to the airport, I had a flood of emotions. I immediately sent Ashley a text because the last time we pulled up and parked at the airport I was texting her to tell her where we were parked since we were leaving for KOREA. I then was reminded of our homecoming. That is a day I will never forget! I still can't get over that! I know if I read back through my blog since February 19th, that I have said "I can't get over that" several times. It is true. I rank that in my top 3 best days of my life! Thank you will never be enough for me to express my gratitude to my friends and family that made that day possible.
Olivia and I parked and got down to KK's baggage claim area with no trouble. I was actually early. (don't fall over from shock people!) I took a few pics. while we waited, but someone was being quite stubborn. I would ask her to look at me and she would turn her head the other way. Always fun!

We got Karen and headed back home. Olivia and I dropped her off and then came back to our house for a bit. When John got home we went back out to the Cooper's for a good ole Cooper cookout. We were celebrating Karen's homecoming and Mrs. Cooper's birthday! We had a great time. Olivia warmed up and was having fun and hated to leave. (I don't have too many pics. because I was having a great time visiting and catching up!)

Yesterday we woke up bright and early to go to Vanderbilt Neonatal Clinic. Here they assessed her for her gestational age and her adjusted age. Dr. Carter could not believe how well she is doing! We are going back in 8 months to assess her language since she has had so much change recently.
I had to go to work for a bit in the afternoon so Dad came and watched Olivia. They had a great time. I wish I could have had pictures of the two of them here playing alone. She loves her Grampy! Thanks Grampy for helping us out! It is so nice to be able to aks for some help now! That is a HUGE stress reliever. With the end of school, I am going to be needing lots of help! :) Gotta get my whole room packed up so I can move to a different room.

Today we have a playdate and then we are meeting Karen for lunch. We have had lots of sunshine here lately and we are LOVING it! Unfortunately, cicadas are out and they are nasty! At least they only come around every 13 years! So, happy Thursday everyone.