Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Family Funnies

Every day when we leave our house, we pass Hardee's. I have noticed that Olivia points everyday at the sign and very proudly says, "mmmmmaaaaaaa!" I say, no baby, that is a star. A cow says moo. We drive on. The other day, John was driving with her and they passed Hardee's and Olivia declared her typical, "mmmmmaaaaaa!" John had NO CLUE where there was a cow, but decided that they would say moo to everything in sight between our house and my parents house (they were coming to pick me up). On our way home that night, we passed Hardee's and Olivia said, "mmmmaaaa!" I did my normal spill and John was hysterically laughing. He said, "I had no clue what she was mooing at earlier!"

They look alike, right????!!!!!

Last night at dinner, we finished and Grammy had made some cookies. Annelyn, who is visiting for the week, ate a great dinner, so I asked her if she was ready for "bessert." (This is what she has called it for quite sometime) She said, Ya Ya, its not bessert its vvvvessert! She was so sure of herself and really carried out the 'v' sound. It was ADORABLE.

Just a couple stories that I wanted to document before I forget them. I love the innocence. It is too bad that they can't stay that way!

Quick update for today....
Today was the first time that Olivia rode in another car besides mine. I had to go to work this afternoon, so mom, dad and Annelyn came to get Olivia to save me some time. I buckled her in as always and kissed her (I do this after I buckle her in everytime we get in the car.) She was fine. I guess she thought I would go around and ride too. As they put the car in reverse and I began to wave a look of fear came over her face. A look we know all to well. I waited five minutes or so and called. She was fine! No tears and looking at a book. Annelyn and Olivia had a great afternoon together (I am sure got away with murder) playing at Grammy and Grampy's. Mom said that she looked for me a few times, but that she didn't get upset and did great. She ate lunch and dinner over there and ate well. John picked her up when he got off work at 6:45 and I got home at 9. We played for a bit when I got home because I didn't want her to go to bed the minute I hit the door. She was happy and her normal silly self. I hope we don't have a rough night tonight because of our day. She seems to be having nightmares the last two nights, so we will see!

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