Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just living!

I think this has been the longest span of time that I haven't blogged since Olivia has been home. So, what have we been doing this last week? Just living! Really, this is the point that we were so looking forward to. Olivia is really adjusting and it feels as life is moving again for us. I feel like we were in a hold pattern for so long. From wait time and initial adjustment, I felt like life was on pause. I know she still has a bit to go as far as adjustment, but our days are pretty happy for the most part. We are home today which I find is something she needs and craves. I hope she is always a home body. :) She spend the afternoon with Grammy and Grampy twice in the last week so I could do some work stuff. I think she really enjoyed herself and loves them very much. Sunday morning when they sat down at church Olivia squealed with delight! It was really cute! So that is where we are folks! I am currently starting the planning process for Olivia's birthday which is a month away! I can't believe it!!! What's up next with us? We have two speech evaluations within the next week, we are looking forward to our Memorial Day cookout with friends, my mom is having a bit of surgery, I am moving classrooms and painting the new one I am moving to, and our pool should be opening up soon. I think this is our next week and a half. So, check back, hopefully I will do better at documenting our sweet girl. For now, we are living and we like it that way!

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