Friday, May 13, 2011


or....turtle that is. Today Olivia and I were doing our normal morning bit of walking Oscar when I saw a little bitty turtle in the road. I picked it up and put it in the front opening of Olivia's pink car that I was pushing her in. Well, we got home and picked some grass for the turtle and put him in a box. I was surprised that the bumpy ride in her pink car didn't kill him, so we brought him in and fixed him a home. Olivia was very curious and eager to see. I put the box on the counter and as I was getting Oscar's treat, I heard a thud on the ground. Well, her eagerness got the best of her and she was determined to see that turtle. He was now on the ground, grass and all. I picked him back up and we watched him for a bit. This turtle was not having a good day, but still kickin'. We took him to the bathroom so Olivia could see him but not hurt him. She ran back and forth several times today to check on him. She would walk by and say, "tuta."

Can't you see the excitement Oscar had for the turtle???

He has been there all day and we are going to take him down to the creek and let him go tomorrow. We were going to take him tonight, but we went out to dinner with our friends instead. Priorities, people! :)

On another was my mom's last day at our local high school. CONGRATULATIONS mom!!!! She has been there 39 years (don't know how she did that?!?!) and is officially done today. She will be keeping Olivia in the fall for which I am extremely grateful for!

Hope everyone had a happy Friday the 13th!


  1. Love it!! How cute...Tuta!! I can hear her saying that. :) And Congrats to Mrs. Poole!!!!

  2. Congrats to your mom!! I know she is going to enjoy her time with Olivia this fall!