Monday, May 2, 2011

Blessed by the sweet people I work with....

This afternoon, Olivia and I got to go to my school and celebrate her homecoming. We had her baby shower there today. I must say, it felt really weird being the person receiving the gifts. I haven't missed one wedding or baby shower in my 6 1/2 years at Guild, and today it was for me! It was somewhat surreal. The hardest showers to attend were those that followed right after I miscarried, but today was a day of celebration for both Olivia and a co-workers baby that is due soon. I always invisioned myself sitting there opening presents and being pregnant, but God had other plans. Instead, I had Olivia on my hip squirming around. She was really good, and once she warmed up, she was running and having a blast!
Luckily, I didn't have presents to open as they did a money tree for us. This is such a huge help as we have a lot still to take care of in the way of 'adoption $'....those of you that have adopted know what I mean. :) We truly don't need toys, diapers or clothes. We need money. Yes, that sounds greedy, but it is the truth. We are already brain storming fundraising options for the next adoption. However, I want to have some of the finances taken care of on this one first. So, please know that if you have given or helped us in ANY way, it has helped tremendously. Dave Ramsey would not want to see us coming. :) However, she is worth every bit and more! That is the hardest/worst part of adoption. There should not be a price tag on a child's life! It should not limit how many children a family can have! It shouldn't be what causes families to turn away from adoption. Sad, but very true!

Back to the shower.....we came in and there was a beautiful Hibiscus plant with money tied all over it! AMAZING!!!! Of course, what did I walk out of the house without, yep, you guessed it! MY CAMERA!!! I hate that! I was so excited to go that I walked out of the house without it. I am a bit stressed about thank you notes as the money was just tied on and didn't have names. What to do? I know I could do one big one, but I so want them to know how much it meant to me for them to help us as much as they did. Not many people can honestly say that they love their place of work (and all the people there) as much as I do. I know during our process that the majority of my co-workers were praying for us. I know they truly care. Thank you all for everything!!!!!

I took a few pictures when I got home. The stars that spell out Olivia's name (that she LOVES) were made by a sweet friend at work. She always makes cute gifts for all the baby showers. We look forward to opening and seeing her gifts. Very sweet and thoughtful!!! Thank you Tiffany. She also got a pink poodle and purse from another friend. The poodle will always be special as she bought this the day she found out about Olivia. She also bought the card she gave us that day. Mary, I am quite impressed that you kept up with that for so long!!! Thank you, thank you to EVERYONE at GES!!!!


  1. did you know that the hibicus is the national flower of korea? now that is cool! did they do that on purpose?

  2. Awesome!! I so agree as a family who is in the midst of an adoption, the money part is the WORST. Money is what kept us away from even LOOKING at adoption for so many years...but here we are. Working as hard as we can to fundraise, scrimp and save our way to our daughter. I know we wear out our friends and family by doing as much as we are but all we know to do is keep doing the work till we meet our goal....a child's life should not be measured by dollar signs; only by love. Money is just a thing...unfortunately, a necessary evil but not something we plan on letting get in the way of bringing our baby girl home. God has been so good to provide so far...I have no reason to believe He won't continue. For all of us. So happy for yall!