Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

This afternoon we headed to Murfreesboro to visit our friends Stephanie and Brian. They were hosting our 2nd annual Memorial Day cookout. Last year we went and definitely had something missing, but this year our little Olivia was in full attendance! It took her a while to warm up. She hung out with us eating (everyone else's food) and hanging around the adults.

She ventured over to the cars that were out on the driveway and hung out with Niko and Silas.

Then the pool came out.

She got very interested and we walked over to see what was going on. She cheered from the wagon and stood back and watched for a bit.

Finally, I took her by the hand and asked her if she wanted to go down the slide into the pool. Miss Fearless climbed the steps and went down like a champ. She loved it!!!!

She went a few more times and just as she was really getting into it, it was time to eat dinner! We wrapped her up in her towel and came in to eat. She ate a great dinner!!! We visited for a while and then it was time to hit the road to head home.

We are so lucky to have formed these friendships. I hope that Olivia always has this group to hang out with as she grows up. They are such neat and fun kiddos and we always enjoy our time with them!

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