Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Friends forever.....no matter where you may be

We got to have Landon come play again today. His mommy and daddy are trying to finish packing up for the big MOVING DAY!!!! Luckily, prayers were answered for all....Michael got a great job, and it is still close to home. However, it does require moving. New adventures and fun times coming, I am sure!
Really, the title of the post may be more for Landon's mommy than for the kiddos, but I know they will always be friends. They seem to have so much fun together! They really interacted today. At one point, they were rolling on the floor giggling and having a blast! They looked out the window (we are all ready for the rain to go away so we can play outside) and had great conversations with Oscar. We also played with play-doh and put letters up (and took letters down) on the magnetic board. The two of them played in the kitchen and cooked up a storm, and then wanted to try getting outside again. Landon worked on it a while, and then Olivia tried. Look at her hip action to push him out of the way! Toddler fun! Then, Landon decided to play with the light switch which is currently one of Olivia's favorite things to do! She looked at him with amazement because he could reach it. She climbs the couch to get the one in our den! She looked at me with such pleasure as if to say, "Ha! I know we aren't suppose to do this, and you are letting us!!" It was a fun day nonetheless, and I look forward to many more regardless of where our families are. True friends last a lifetime no matter where they are, and I know wil always be close with you all. Traci, I love your little family so much. God is amazing in how he brings people into our lives. We are so similar that it is sometimes scary! I love you friend. Congratulations to you all on the new job as I know you will be such a blessing to them. You truly walk the walk and I admire that so much! Love you and love your family.

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