Saturday, May 7, 2011


Bye, bye bottles! I packed them away this week. I guess Olivia has been off of the bottle now for 2 full weeks. She is growing up so fast! I kept her bottles that we were given in Korea and put them in her 'Korea box' for her to look at when she is older and when she is ready. I packed the other bottles away in hopes of needing them in the near future for another Korean cutie! To me, this was the only 'baby' thing that we had to link Olivia to as a baby. So, it was hard to put them up, but it was time. She is definitely way past the need for one, and I wanted to do what was best for her. I loved giving her one and listening to her little jaws and tounge suck on them. I wish we could have had that longer, but we didn't.
I found out yesterday that Eastern has already met their EP quota. This broke my heart to hear for the waiting families. They will only get the Dec. 2010 babies out, and the wait has been increased to 14 months! It makes my heart sink for the families. However, if you were expecting 11 months, 3 more is do-able. What worries me is what is coming. They are getting further and further behind and these babies are growing more attached to their foster families. It is just making the transition harder for everyone.

This evening, we went to a benefit auction for a blog friend--yay for FINALLY meeting tonight! Donna and her husband are adopting their daughter from China. Tonight they had an auction and BBQ dinner. I hope they did well and hopefully Grace will be home soon! You can read about their story at

Tomorrow is Mother's day. I have mixed feelings about this day. To is like Valentine's Day-- a card holiday. This day was created for the card companies. However, this is the first year that I am holding my child in my arms on this day. I can't look at one day as special though. After waiting so long for Olivia to come home, I can find something special about each day (even if it is one of those 'I want to pull my hair out' kinda days!) Well, more tomorrow after we actually have Mother's day. :)

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  1. Laura, I hope you enjoyed your first Mother's Day as a "mom". Hope it was a bit more special for you than in the past. You guys certainly made our benefit dinner/auction VERY special. It was such an honor to have all of you there and of course it thrilled my heart when Miss Olivia came right to me and let me pick her up! I wouldn't have cared if she broke my glasses all to pieces she's just so cute! :) Thank you again for coming Saturday and we will be happy to help you guys with a fundraiser of your own for your next Korean cutie!