Thursday, May 26, 2011

Playing, packing and celebrating!

We got up early Tuesday and headed down to the doctors office. I had to have a quick blood draw for our new insurance. have to go fasting or I could have had it done when I got the physical done the day before. Olivia was very interested in the needle and the blood. She sat in my lap and was watching every second. We got home and she had her speech evaluation. I am not sure if she will qualify, but we will soon find out. She did fail her vision test. Apparently, her pupils don't dialate. We have a appointment at Vanderbilt coming up, so I am hopeful that we learn more then. I am hoping she doesn't have to have more eye surgery due to scar tissue. I guess we are in the wait and see time.
Wednesday afternoon was our friend Amanda's last day here in the states so we went to a local lunch spot that we always hit when she is home. We laughed at how our lives have changed. She has three kids, but only brought the one year old home this trip. So there we sat wrestling our kids and eating lunch. I looked at another table of two friends as they enjoyed their time together. I asked Amanda if she 'remembers when.' We both just laughed and moved on. I am so glad my life has changed!

Later, Olivia and I were home playing and I looked and there was her Minnie Mouse with her tea cups lined up. It seems that they were having a tea party! When I got the camera she immediately cleared the tea party.

Last night, we went to my classroom to get packing!

I decided to change classrooms this year for a fresh start. We got the whole room packed last night!!! We have been a tired group today. I went to work today to help a friend get her room moved. So, tomorrow we will start painting! :) I am hoping to be done with that by Saturday night. Olivia and Oscar were with us and my parents joined the fun too. As mom packed my videos/dvd's, Olivia unpacked them.

John and Dad decided to make her a fun riding toy.

She was determined to get to the sink, so she pulled herself up and climbed in. Look at that says, "oh, you cought me...oh well!"

Yes, it was a lot of work, but I really did have fun. Olivia ran up and down the hall everytime a load was taken. Oscar kept his normal enthusiastic look on his face.

Today we got up and headed to John's school as he was being honored for Teacher of the Year at is school. My mom, his mom, Olivia and I went to join in the celebration. It was great food and I enjoyed getting to talk to some of his co-workers.

When we got back, I changed clothes and went back to school to help with packing and moving. My dad came and helped move my friend Amy. John joined when he got home from work. I think I may possibly have the BEST family in the world!!!
What a day! I am beat!

Please say a prayer for my sweet mom as she has surgery tomorrow. She has a macular hole in her eye and will have to lay face down (in a massage chair) for 7-10 days! We went to their house tonight to eat and let her play with Olivia for a bit as she won't get to see her or hold her for several weeks. Jokingly I told her I needed to take pics. to blog about it, but I think she would kill me! This is not exactly the retirement gift she wanted. Hopefully she won't have any complications and she will be good as new as soon as possible!

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