Friday, May 6, 2011

Olivia's First Gator Field Day!

Today was field day at my school, so Olivia and I got up and headed over to cheer on my class. They did great! You have to understand....field day at my school isn't just any ordinary field day. This day is an event! Today was just the preliminary events and next Friday will be the championship rounds. I got some great pictures of my kids, but do not want to post due to privacy issues. (not taking any chances, ya know!) So, the ones you will see are their backs and the top of heads. :) They are so in love with Olivia and couldn't get enough of her. I love going in and getting loads of sweet hugs, too. Our girls won the tug of war, but the boys have to wait until next week. Then they will also do whole class tug of war. I have to hold back on my competitive nature and remind myself that they are only 5. I just like to win, what can I say?!

After a great morning of field day, we went up to the playground for some playtime before lunch.

Olivia and I left at 10:45 because I had an appointment with a speech therapist to see if we needed intervention. This isn't so much a worry, rather than us being proactive. The intake worker did not seemed concerned, but will be returning for an evaluation next week. Olivia was tired after lunch and took a good nap. When she got up, I decided that I wanted to try her hanbok on her since we have an upcoming picture session. It is big in the shoulders, but a few pins and it works great. As you can tell, she is less than thrilled. She was much more interested in the light switch outside. NICE!

I love this last picture....what a lady, right? She is stumbling, with her bottom in the air. Love this! A girl has to do what a girl has to do! :)

This weekend brings on another first for us. It is my first mother's day. Yes, she was ours last year at this time, but she is here now! It is SO different on this end. I will post more about this on Sunday!

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  1. Happy mother's day! I love her hanbok, it is beautiful!