Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 27 Update and 13 months!

Another month down!!! Typically her turning another month older is really sad to me, but today I am trying to remember that another month just means that we are getting closer to going to get her!!!! I keep hoping that we will get to go in Nov. or something (I guess that time seems practical to me)but I know that it will be in 2011. Gosh, that seems like a long way off!
Happy 13 month baby girl! I can't wait to spend all the small milestones together!

So, now for the update. Hmm....apparently I just have my hopes set too high. I know they have lots of babies, but when I actually get to use one of my "requests" for an update I expect it to be a bit more than a few check marks off a list. Anywho, it looks like she is doing well, and that is what matters! She has gained 2 pounds and grown 2 inches since May. That puts our little one at 17 pounds and 28 inches. She is tiny. I love it!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We are done!!! Last night and tonight we went to Babies R Us and Target to get registered for Miss Olivia. John took the 'gun' and decided that he would be in charge of that. I went two aisles over and hear "beep, beep, beep," I didn't know what he was adding, but found several things on the registry when we got home and I looked them up. While I left a couple of the things, I did delete some of them! :) We had fun, but it made me want her here even more! Is that possible??? Our registry is a bit different from the 'normal' baby registry, so take that as your pre-warning prior to looking at it. Since we unfortunately don't get to have the saucer, high-chair, swing, bouncer, etc...we registered for things she WILL need such as developmental toys. She is going to need a lot of those! If it is out there and we thought we needed it we zapped it!!!
We did put several different kinds of bottles (the fact that she will be on a bottle at 1 1/2 is a whole other subject for me, but it is what she knows) on the registry since we don't know which one she will take to. So, no, it wasn't us being indecisive, it was us wanting to find what she is most familiar with. I know things like bottles, paci's, and sippies are going to be trial and error for us, so I gave us an affordable array of choices. :)
We registered for things such as v-tech and leap frog toys to work on her english and developmental things. We figure since we will be home the first few weeks we need to have lots to do as we all get acquainted with each other. Hopefully we will be able to play in between the grieving. Poor thing!!!
So, that is it for tonight! Go check out the registries! Babies R Us and Target.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Pics "the professional ones"

** Before you read: Thank you for your continued prayers and support. The days are very up and down. The wait is hard.****

So, we got a call last week to be on the look out for new pictures. We were initially told that we would receive professional pictures of Olivia at her one year birth day. So, naturally I think she will be dressed in her Hanbok or something we have sent. Wrongo!!! She has on sweet pink pj's with socks on. Mind you, it is as hot and humid there right now as it is here in TN. Poor thing looks layered and dressed for winter. Another concern was that she has a bruise over her left eye.
Well, my disappointment led me to email our international social worker. I know that they take 5 seconds to take those pictures, but for a parent who is on the opposite side of the world, a picture is ALL I have right now. It would be nice to see her smiling or some emotion on her face. They put her full Korean name on the bottom of the pictures (printed on them) and her last name is WRONG! Seriously! I know that this is completely nit-picky, but come on!!!! I sent an adorable smocked bishop dress that I thought she would have on if she didn't have the hanbok on, but nope....pj's.

Oh, by the way....I am whining and complaining tonight! If you are an AP and you have waited this long, you too can whine somedays, right?!

So, my email was completely polite, I was just asking questions. I didn't get any form of update. I got 4 pictures that all look very similar, and I think that is all I will receive until we get her in Feb.

I think I am particularly whiny because the reality has set in that we don't get to travel anytime soon. I say this now because all of the American paperwork is done, and at this point (if there wasn't a quota) we would be travelling within the month! February seems further and further away!

Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for the pictures, I just wish they had been better and there was some form of an update. I DO realize that there are a lot of other families in this long wait boat and they too have days of frustration.

Well, I guess I have said enough if I don't want you all to quit reading my blog. Keep in mind that this is my journal (essentially) so I am going to be honest with how I feel. This is for me and Olivia, but it is also for those that have shared this journey with us, and I am extremely grateful for you! Some days are much harder than others, and I had built the pictures up in my head and got disappointed. I had even had a dream about them!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

The thing I said I WOULD NEVER have....

is one of these.

However, I will plead my case. Apparently, this is the common way that Olivia is use to being carried. So, in attempt to make her as happy and comfortable as possible with her new foreign situation, I got her one. So, when you see an almost 2 year old on my back, DON'T LAUGH! These carriers are actually made in Korea and are suppose to be the ones that they use. They are designed so that her legs will not lose circulation and be comfortable. I am doing this so she has something familar during the transition. I think people look ridiculous when I have seen these, but I am trying to do what is best for her. Trust me, if I had given birth to her she would NOT have experienced this carrier, but this is what her foster mom says soothes her. So here we go I guess.
I have been reading some blog friends blogs and the coming home stories are heartbreaking, but very real. I am glad that they are posting and telling of the reality of it. Elizabeth and Kelly are both recently home and have had their fair share of trouble. Thank you girls for not making it sound like butterflies and daisies because it clearly isn't. However, Elizabeth is starting to see a glimpse of a brighter side. These are the two blogs that I have been checking in daily to read. They are a.e.i.o and jon & kelly + one. You guys are doing a GREAT job, and I am so thankful for your blogs.
So, back to my purchase....most of the AP's use some form of carrier, but when I saw that this is the one that the Korean's use I decided on it. It is not the most attractive piece, but we will use it. I asked John which one he liked and he said he didn't care. I picked one out and he said, "that one will show dirt." I said, "well we should get one that is gender neutral since we will both carry it." He said, "seriously, get the one you want. If I am carrying a cute little girl in it I don't care what it looks like." So, here is the one we settled on.

Do you think Oscar will let us practice carrying him in it? :)