Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 27 Update and 13 months!

Another month down!!! Typically her turning another month older is really sad to me, but today I am trying to remember that another month just means that we are getting closer to going to get her!!!! I keep hoping that we will get to go in Nov. or something (I guess that time seems practical to me)but I know that it will be in 2011. Gosh, that seems like a long way off!
Happy 13 month baby girl! I can't wait to spend all the small milestones together!

So, now for the update. Hmm....apparently I just have my hopes set too high. I know they have lots of babies, but when I actually get to use one of my "requests" for an update I expect it to be a bit more than a few check marks off a list. Anywho, it looks like she is doing well, and that is what matters! She has gained 2 pounds and grown 2 inches since May. That puts our little one at 17 pounds and 28 inches. She is tiny. I love it!!!


  1. I know your pain. I hate when the "updates" are just checklists. :(
    Did you get new pictures?

  2. Hey Elizabeth!! Unfortunately, no new pics this time. I was hoping, but no. I read your blog a little while ago and get so excited everytime I hear that things are starting to come together for you and Ingrid! Happy Birthday! I told you on FB, but I will tell you on here too! :)

  3. Get ready for tiny - Sumner just turned 3 and weights 25 lbs! Hope you get the call sooner than 2011. I wish we were still there so I could meet her!