Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We are done!!! Last night and tonight we went to Babies R Us and Target to get registered for Miss Olivia. John took the 'gun' and decided that he would be in charge of that. I went two aisles over and hear "beep, beep, beep," I didn't know what he was adding, but found several things on the registry when we got home and I looked them up. While I left a couple of the things, I did delete some of them! :) We had fun, but it made me want her here even more! Is that possible??? Our registry is a bit different from the 'normal' baby registry, so take that as your pre-warning prior to looking at it. Since we unfortunately don't get to have the saucer, high-chair, swing, bouncer, etc...we registered for things she WILL need such as developmental toys. She is going to need a lot of those! If it is out there and we thought we needed it we zapped it!!!
We did put several different kinds of bottles (the fact that she will be on a bottle at 1 1/2 is a whole other subject for me, but it is what she knows) on the registry since we don't know which one she will take to. So, no, it wasn't us being indecisive, it was us wanting to find what she is most familiar with. I know things like bottles, paci's, and sippies are going to be trial and error for us, so I gave us an affordable array of choices. :)
We registered for things such as v-tech and leap frog toys to work on her english and developmental things. We figure since we will be home the first few weeks we need to have lots to do as we all get acquainted with each other. Hopefully we will be able to play in between the grieving. Poor thing!!!
So, that is it for tonight! Go check out the registries! Babies R Us and Target.

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