Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Pics "the professional ones"

** Before you read: Thank you for your continued prayers and support. The days are very up and down. The wait is hard.****

So, we got a call last week to be on the look out for new pictures. We were initially told that we would receive professional pictures of Olivia at her one year birth day. So, naturally I think she will be dressed in her Hanbok or something we have sent. Wrongo!!! She has on sweet pink pj's with socks on. Mind you, it is as hot and humid there right now as it is here in TN. Poor thing looks layered and dressed for winter. Another concern was that she has a bruise over her left eye.
Well, my disappointment led me to email our international social worker. I know that they take 5 seconds to take those pictures, but for a parent who is on the opposite side of the world, a picture is ALL I have right now. It would be nice to see her smiling or some emotion on her face. They put her full Korean name on the bottom of the pictures (printed on them) and her last name is WRONG! Seriously! I know that this is completely nit-picky, but come on!!!! I sent an adorable smocked bishop dress that I thought she would have on if she didn't have the hanbok on, but nope....pj's.

Oh, by the way....I am whining and complaining tonight! If you are an AP and you have waited this long, you too can whine somedays, right?!

So, my email was completely polite, I was just asking questions. I didn't get any form of update. I got 4 pictures that all look very similar, and I think that is all I will receive until we get her in Feb.

I think I am particularly whiny because the reality has set in that we don't get to travel anytime soon. I say this now because all of the American paperwork is done, and at this point (if there wasn't a quota) we would be travelling within the month! February seems further and further away!

Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for the pictures, I just wish they had been better and there was some form of an update. I DO realize that there are a lot of other families in this long wait boat and they too have days of frustration.

Well, I guess I have said enough if I don't want you all to quit reading my blog. Keep in mind that this is my journal (essentially) so I am going to be honest with how I feel. This is for me and Olivia, but it is also for those that have shared this journey with us, and I am extremely grateful for you! Some days are much harder than others, and I had built the pictures up in my head and got disappointed. I had even had a dream about them!!!


  1. Oh Laura! I didn't even notice her little eye until you mentioned it! But you're right - it's definitely bruised! I hope you get some kind of answers! I know how disappointed you must be to not see her in her outfits from you, and February must seem a million years away. But just think, after February, she will be yours forever - to dress, to feed, to hold, to play with, to share the world worth, to teach, and to love. I can't even begin to empathize since I don't know exactly how you feel, but I can only imagine. Kate & I will continue to keep you, John, & little Olivia in our prayers. And please always feel free to vent! Your friends want to hear the ups & the downs and will support you through them both!
    Kristin J.

  2. You have every right to whine! Feb. is such a long way to go. Hang in there, and every moment of the wait will be worth it.

  3. I know how you are feeling. We have been waiting seven months now but I can't believe you have to wait till Feb. She looks so cute in the pictures. And the last two times we got pictures of our baby boy he had bruises on his face. At first I was concerned then I realized that he was walking and bumped into things.

  4. Whining is ok! I think we have reason...
    Love the pictures of your sweet girl. I think that you will get another update for as long as we have to wait.

  5. HUGS. Yes you can have bad adoption days. We all do. I wouldn't worry about the bruise...she is moving and falling and bruises come with the territory. Good for you to check up on it. I hardly see any children smile in the shots taken at Eastern. I think they do them so fast and its not a person they know so therefore the stunned look. You should still get professional shots in about a month or two. Those take awhile. HUGS sweetie. She is a beauty.

  6. She's beautiful. Sorry you are having a rough time with the wait, I would be, too! ((Hugs))

    About the bruise, don't worry! Jocelyn had a huge shiner when I picked her up in Korea.... she was just starting to cruise furniture and had caught the table edge. She was very, very loved. :) Just a little clumsy as she started getting more brave.


  7. Hugs and it is ok to be upset and have bad days. The wait is so hard for us Mama's and sometimes getting the pictures makes the wait feel even longer. She is simply beautiful and I pray you get the Hanbok photos very soon.

  8. Laura, she is BEAUTIFUL and makes my heart melt. I know it is incredible hard, frustrating, makes you want to scream, cry, stomp around, and that is OK, do it, let it out. Know that your beautiful Olivia will be in your arms soon. Keep your head up and "keep swimming".

  9. What a sweet baby!! Oh goodness. I know you must be just longing for her. I'm so glad to have met you and can't wait to see how this journey unfolds for you!