Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Sibling Rivalry"

Well, the jealousy begins...or should I say, it started the day we decided we were ready to expand our family. Poor Oscar is so jealous. I have been in Olivia's room folding clothes and rearranging toys tonight and he just got more jealous by the minute. I came out to sit down and write a couple of thank you notes and asked John where Oscar had gone. Then we heard his little feet hit the floor. I told John to run up and see if he did anything since a couple of weeks ago when we had been working in Olivia's room he did, but I thought maybe he had an upset tummy or something then??? I am not joking, this little fellow is not happy. He DOES NOT go to the bathroom in our house. GROSS!!!! I think he went twice as a puppy in the house and learned quickly that that was not a good idea.
I know he is going to love her, but he does not like sharing the spot light right now. He loves kids. When Annelyn was a baby, he would nap with her and sit on her in her car seat. He goes nuts the minute a kid enters the house. They make him so happy (usually)!
As I cleaned up upstairs, I really felt sad for him. John had thrown him out after fussing at him (which Oscar was fussing back the whole time)and his little white face stared back at us through the front door. When he came back in he stood at the base of the stairs and just looked up. Normally he would run up as fast as he could, but he knew he shouldn't.
Well, he has moved from the ottoman and is now trying to snuggle with John. He can't stand for us to be upset with him. He is a love. John now has taken him back upstairs for a 'manly talk' and they have apparently made up. They are both heading outside.

On a different note, we finally got a piece of furniture for Olivia's room!!! Mom bought her toddler bed at PBKids over the weekend. John has put one of my blankets from the den on it since Oscar immediately jumped on it when we all went in to look at it. So, here are a few pictures of the bed and of Oscar doing his BEST trick, which is to be cute.

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