Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some updates around the Parker's

So, I have wanted to blog since last Friday because I got home and logged on to my email only to find some updated pictures of Miss Olivia. How exciting!!! She has changed quite a bit! My mom stopped by Friday night to drop off some flowers for a baby shower I was having on Saturday (yay Traci) and I pulled the pictures up. She has gotten into reading a lot of blogs with Korean cuties so her immediate comment was, "well who is that?" I let her look a few minutes and then said, "um...your granddaughter!" She couldn't believe it!!! It was a nice surprise because I didn't know that we would get anymore pictures. Well, here they are!!!!

I can pretty much tell you anything about these pictures! I have looked at them so much. Everytime we get updates I get excited, scared, nervous, sad, and excited again. How about that outfit??? Yeah, you see it! Poor thing! Why doesn't she have on that cute smocked dress I got her? This brings me to my next topic....

"Retail therepy" is what we like to call it. I can't hold her, hear her, or touch her, and this has seemed to be the only thing that is soothing to me. Hey, don't knock it until you have been in my shoes people. :) After such a long wait to have a child, I can't help but buy stuff! John has been great and hasn't said much. I have gotten great deals, but I know that once she gets home and new season stuff comes out that I will buy a few more pieces. After the Encores and More sale we decided that it was time to be done shopping for a while. (I still need hot pink shoes and black ones.) We have really buckled down on saving right now, but it is so hard not to go buy for her. This is a picture of her closet currently.

So, a few weeks ago we went to get her toddler bed at Pottery Barn Kids. I went over to the Brighton store just to browse. I designed a charm bracelet for Olivia's foster mom and then found out that they are giving one away each week from each store. I left the bracelet just to see if I would win, and figured I could go back and redesign it closer to travel time. On Sunday they called to tell me that I WON THE BRACELET!! It was a free bracelet with $100 worth of charms on it!!! My dad and I went to pick it up yesterday, and here it is!

The bracelet has gold on it since I have noticed that her foster mom has a gold watch. It also has Olivia's birthstone on it, a Y for her birth name, little girl feet and a little girl charm.

The next new thing around here is that Olivia's furniture was delivered yesterday! (Tuesday) It is so hard to find SOLID wood furniture, but we finally found some. I think it looks really good in her room. It is so strange to see stuff in there after it being empty for so long. It is going to take me a while to get use to it, but I do like it. I think the room is almost done once we hang the mirror. We still have to have her bedding and window treatment made, but we are getting closer. Oh, we would really like the cute little girl in there to complete the room! Please excuse the mess in there!!!

I mentioned above about a baby shower for Traci. I am posting this picture to tell these girls thank you for being there for me. (add in a few others that aren't pictured :)) I have not been the best person to be around during this process, but they have stood by me daily still loving and encouraging me. My family and friends have unfortunately endured my ever changing moods with all of this. I have been happy, angry, sad, and any other emotion that you can think of. The days are unpredictiable. I thank God daily for my family and friends. I have noticed that some days I get upset with a situation and then realize that it wasn't even the situation. It was me being sad/angry/anxious about Olivia coming home and the amount of wait time that we still have. Thanks guys. I love you all so much!!!!
My mom has been reading a forum and also noticed several moms recently posted that this wait and everything has also caused them to be the same way as far as mood and emotion. I wonder why it does that to us??? I think it is the unknown of them being on the other side of the world???

**side note....I got all of my post done (and it probably sounded better) and published it only to find that it didn't save. Ugh, technology. So, this is the best it can get after already working an hour on it the first time. :)**


  1. What an adorable photo!!! How wonderful to get an update :)

  2. Adorable. I love her shoes! You are going to have fun with hair bows and clips.

  3. Oh Laura... I just love it all!!! The room, furniture, alll those clothes, hairbows, but especially Olivia!!!
    Thanks so much for the great updates- we can't wait to read the one when she is in your arms forever... It will be soon, I'm sure!!

  4. Love the new photos of your sweet baby girl! Her room is adorable and the closet, um well...... I did that too! : ) So hard not to buy for our babies! : ) can't wait to see Olivia home with you at last!!

  5. Lovin' the new photos! She is so beautiful!
    Shop away girl, shop away. Picture her in every outfit, shoes, tights, etc. Pick out the outfit that she will wear when you land in Nashville. Get it ready. And then go sit in her room and imagine what it will be like when she is running around playing or sleeping in her bed. She will be home before you know it.
    We are so excited for you and John, and cannot wait to meet Miss Olivia!
    OH, and how exciting that you won the bracelet. That will be a wonderful gift!