Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well, I had this great post on going through all the great things of 2010 month by month that I was going to write last night. We are ready for a happy new year and I was pumped! Well, we came home last night and I was going to sit down and write it. Upon walking in our house we noticed it was a bit chilly. Guess what? Our heat is out! John said, 'well what you do on the first day of the year is what you will be doing the rest of the this any indication?' (yes mom, he was making fun of you and your superstitions.) I slept under 7 blankets and stayed pretty cozy last night. It was when I went to take a shower this morning that I could feel the chill. We just got our gas logs turned on, so hopefully that will help soon! (yes, we have been here 6 years and never used them! They had to be hooked up or something.) So, I am sitting here in my coat and scarf under a blanket with Oscar sitting next to me with his coat on...I am sure you are now laughing!
In the meantime, our heat/air guy came. He said earlier today that it would be tomorrow before he could come. John said well at least we are covered. We chose our heating unit partially because we got a 10 yr. parts and labor warranty. They got under the house and it looks like raccoons have messed something up. NOT COVERED! Ugh!

So, happy 2011....this better NOT be an indication on how this year will be! :)

Now, for the post I was playing with in my head yesterday......

Looking back, 2010 had a lot to offer. It was a good year and quite a bit happened!

January: John and I made the decision to adopt. A whirlwind of events began to take place as we prepared to get started on this process.

February: Annelyn turned 3.
I was checking the WIC daily!

March: We got a REFERRAL. It came on March 25th. We saw our beautiful tiny girl.
John and I also both had birthdays.

April: Not a grand month! We received notice about the 'quota' and that it would be 2011 before bringing home our girl.

May: My sister had a birthday and school was coming to an end! Plus, one more month down of waiting!

June: We had something every weekend during the month! We had our shop and swap (which was a success and fun!) I had a garage sale, and Olivia turned 1!!!! What a fun celebration we had, but boy am I missing this kiddo about now!

July: Well, another month under our belt of waiting is going by! We enjoyed the pool and friends and celebrated our anniversary.

August: Back to school! I start to planning for an interim for when I am on maternity leave. (ok, I have actually worked on this planning since May, but who is counting, right?)

September: My dad celebrates 65! I had my first baby shower for Miss Olivia and got lots of great stuff! Thanks Traci, Leslie and Ashley for all you did!

October: Halloween fun! We had a fire pit at the end of my parents drive and had hot dogs and smores as trick or treaters came. We also talked about how NEXT YEAR (that is THIS year!) Olivia would be here dressed up going house to house and how fun it will be!
One of my best friends (see Traci's baby shower back in August) welcomed her gorgeous twin girls into the world! They are so sweet.

November: My mom turned 60 and my uncle turned 70! (I hate this aging doesn't make me very happy!) The holidays are going and time is moving on which means we will meet Olivia soon.

December: Merry Christmas! We celebrated a white Christmas and enjoyed family time. I began to prepare (I mean REALLY prepare) for our trip to Korea. I got all of my interim stuff ready through the remainder of the year. I have bought diapers, puffs, toys, etc. for travelling. I have all gifts ready to take, and Olivia's clothes are laid out and ready to pack.
We received the waiver B form. We have to be close!!!!

Happy New Year! Goodbye 2010, hello 2011! May it get better than it began as far as our heat outage with the raccoons. :)

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  1. You guys ARE getting so close! What a happy new year ahead of you :)