Monday, January 3, 2011

It's finally done!

We started the room for Olivia back in April during spring break (There is a post with just the mural, and no furniture. Then we added furniture Aug/Sept. and now the bedding and curtains are in!) Tonight, it is finally DONE! I was a bit indecisive on fabric choices (overwhelmed!) but finally found some that seemed to suit the room. It only took me a month to find the right fabric! :) The only thing left to do is to get knobs for the top of the window treatments. I have looked for probably 5 hours online and have been to every craft store in the area, but can't find exactly what I want. Here are some pictures of the room completely ready and waiting for her.

For most, buying diapers would be no big deal. I have bought lots of diapers (being a nanny and having a neice), but I haven't ever bought any FOR MY OWN CHILD! You wouldn't believe how exciting that is to actually have them in my house for my child. It seems so surreal to think that in a few weeks there will be a toddler running around. I know I have had plenty of time to prepare for this, but it still seems so impossible. I just can't believe it! I am so excited, nervous, thrilled, terrified, and any other emotion you could think of.


  1. Oh, soooo exciting! The room is adorable! And I know what you mean about diapers. All the fun outfits and room decor are one thing, but when you start in with practical things like diapers and bottles, it starts to feel very real. :)

  2. Olivia's room is simply AMAZING!!! May have to hire you to come help us with Grace's room when we get ready!! I'm so very excited for you to FINALLY know that in just a few weeks your precious daughter will be HOME!! God is blessing you and Olivia!!