Monday, January 17, 2011


We are so excited that we can hardly wait to go to Korea to get our little one. Unfortunately, these days are passing at the pace of a turtle going backwards! We have been out of school for snow for a week, and I am a bit bored. It is too cold to do anything outside and I don't need to go spend money. (as fun as that is and all!)
My niece has also been here for the last week because her dad had surgery. We have played barbies, watched Max and Ruby (many times), played kitchen, and anything else a 3 year old likes to do --not to mention the 2 slumber parties we have had together. So yes, I have been busy. We have had fun, but I just seem to feel blah. I don't know why? I think I am tired of waiting on an indefinite date. I just want to know the 'when' we will go at this point. We are so close. I think this part has been much harder than the rest of the wait. Come on February!! I hope we get to travel then. I may loose my mind if we don't!


  1. Ugh... it's January. PLUS you're waiting for that elusive travel call! I can only imagine how slooooowly time must be passing for you :(

  2. I TOTALLY understand feeling BLAH... Me too girlfirend. But you know what??? We heard some positive news today! SO Hang on a little bit longer. We will be getting those calls soon.