Friday, April 22, 2011

A day at home....

In the morning, the first thing I do is change Olivia's diaper after we have snuggled and played for a few minutes. Today was no different. After her diaper change, we go eat breakfast. I usually let her just be in her diaper because I love a kiddo in just a diaper and because she is bound to get something on her clothes. It kills me to be stain treating before 7:30! So after breakfast, I was cleaning up and Olivia came back from her room with a pair of shoes. She wanted to wear them. So, why not? She had her black shoes on, in her diaper, playing with a truck! That's my girl!!! Look at those ribs! She is TINY!

We got dressed and then played inside for a bit. After her nap, we went outside to help her daddy with the garden.

She was not a fan of the dirt under her feet, but sure enjoyed shoveling from the side.

Oscar was not touching the dirt, but stayed down there with us for a bit. To me, he looks like he is saying in this picture, "you want me to do what?"

In this one he is saying, "I don't think so!"

Olivia, Oscar and I went up to the deck to bring all the plants down. She was really excited about carrying some flowers until she realized that she was carrying them all the way down. By the time we got down near the garden, she was huffing AT me. You know, the shew sound. She was making that sound over and over. She kinda cut her eyes at me and kept going. (look at the pics. below and you can see her little cheeks making the, "I am annoyed with you" sound. --Pretty funny!!)

She left her flowers between the pool area and the garden and took off to shovel some more. She enjoyed shoveling, so she decided to give it a taste. It does look like chocolate, but clearly didn't taste like it. She kept her tounge out until I cleaned it off.

Tonight for dinner we had yummy homemade lasagna. No, not made by me, but by mom. Thanks mom, it was great! We let Olivia try it on her own with a fork. As you can see, she was really proud of herself!

After dinner, she was playing in her kitchen and decided she wanted the play doh that is on top. John told me to look at her as she climbed. Within two seconds of me turning around she was standing on top of her kitchen! By the time we got the camera, she was almost down.

She is into everything. I know I have said that before, but she is finding more things to get into. She climbs the baby gates, opens locked cabinets, and is into anything she isn't suppose to be. I was in the kitchen earlier tonight and saw a laundry hamper go by. I went around the corner, and there she sat in the hamper in the middle of the hall. She looked at me like, "Isn't this normal? Do you have a problem?" She is a lot of fun though, and a stinkin cute little thing! We are so blessed that she is home and into everything! We wouldn't trade it at all!!

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