Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vanderbilt Testing Day

Well, from the title of this post, you can probably figure out that today was less than fun. We decided to leave our camera in the car since this was a more serious appointment than our last. We saw some sad situations today and it made us, yet again, thankful for our little one. Our day started bright and early! We got to Vanderbilt for her first test at 9:00 a.m. It was her hearing test that I think most adopted kiddos/premie's have to have. She did great and responded well. They said her right ear was fantastic, but that they could not rule out hearing loss in her left ear. It could be the start of an ear infection or just the wax, but they wanted us to return in 3 months for a follow up. I am not sure how I feel about this since I am pretty sure she hears just fine. We will see.
The next appointment was at 11:00 over at the Children's Hospital. We got there in perfect time! This was her EKG. Honestly, we had forgotten when we accepted her referral that she had ASD and a hole in her heart. To us, this was not a make or break deal. So, today, the EKG showed that the hole has grown together. YAY!!! The test took 25-30 min. and was not pleasent for a little one to have to sit through. She was done after about 10 min., but we finished with minimal screaming. At one point, she closed her eyes (exactly what she did when we brought her home) as if to say, "maybe when I open them, this will be over.")
We left this appointment and got some lunch in the cafeteria. I decided we would head down and check in for the next appointment in hopes that they would get to us early. Luckily, they did!!! This was an ultrasound of her kidney's and bladder. Apparently, in Korea she had a UTI, and they advise after the 1st one to have this test done to be sure that she isn't having reflux of her urine. She probably did the best on this one. The tech was great with her, and she was fast. Though they saw us early for that appointment, the next one ran behind because they had some unexpected things from patients come up. Olivia did great while waiting. It is now nap time, so we weren't sure how she would be doing, but she ran around and blew kisses, played with blocks, looked at the choo-choo train, and ate a snack. They called us back and explained the test and then had her put the little hospital gown on. It was too cute not to take a picture, so we pulled out the cell phone! They had to catheterize her, but the girl did a fantastic job. They said it would feel like a pinch when it went in, and she did scream, but was amazing to be so little! This test took about 5-10 min., and then we were done for the day. We headed out to the car and our sweet girl fell asleep in my arms within walking a 1/2 block. She slept all the way home and then continued to sleep into the evening. (That should make for a fun night!)

She has some horrible hair going on. I took her bow out for the test. :)

Isn't that open back of the hospital gown the cutest thing ever?!?!?! However, I am so thankful that she doesn't have to wear one often!

This evening, John came in with the mail right before dinner and we had a box for Miss Olivia. Inside, we found a gardening set and a GORGEOUS sweater. My aunt MADE it!!!!! After we ate dinner, and got all the lasagna off of Olivia, we put on her new sweater to take some pics. It is perfect! I will have to find better leggings and underneath shirt, but we had to take some pics. tonight and this is all I had. Aunt Judy, thank you so much!!! We love it! I am sure you will also see her with her gardening set soon as we begin the garden.

Aunt Judy and Uncle Hugh, if you look at these next two pictures, she is blowing you a kiss! We love you! Come see us soon!!!!! Thanks for the sweet gifts!


  1. Love that sweater!!! What a beautiful girl. All those test are so hard. I am glad that she has such a loving mommy and daddy to help her make it through all of them. Praise God for the ASD closing. I hope the rest of the test come back great as well.

  2. So glad her hole has grown together!! Sounds like the day went better than expected, which is great! Your Aunt Judy did a GREAT job on her sweater!! So cute!