Sunday, April 3, 2011

A bedtime first and Grandparents visiting

Today was an ordinary Sunday. We went to church, went and ate lunch with John's family, and then Olivia came home to nap. While she napped, I went to a wedding shower. I got home with only a few minutes of her nap remaining.
John had told his dad that when she woke up today that we would call and they could come for a visit! This was the first time they had been over (and let into the house) since Olivia came home. They brought some stuff for her when she first got home, but we were not allowing anyone in the first week or so. She is getting much better with warming up to people. It only took her 10-15 min. rather than an hour or more! Here are some pictures from the visit! I think everyone had fun!

Tonight after dinner, we gave Olivia an Oreo. She ate every bite! She has pizza all over her face! She usually doesn't get that messy, but it was pretty cute!

We have taken the first step to heading to our room tonight. I must say, as much as I HATE the floor, I was a bit sad to bundle up our 'bed' and move it. I spent a little extra time cuddling as I rocked her tonight because the small move made me realize how fast she will grow and things will change.
This is yet another change, and I hate change. I hope she sleeps well. We are still on the floor, but we have moved right outside her room. I can take one step and I am in her room. I fixed our 'floor bed' before she went to bed and we went back and forth saying, "Olivia's night night, mommy and daddy's night, night." I figure we will be in this place for at least 2 weeks and then we can move a little more down the hall. I think we are still a couple months from our bed! Pray that our little one isn't scared tonight and gets some rest. I am thinking I may be up more than down tonight.

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