Friday, April 1, 2011

Quick catch up!

After a rough Wednesday, I decided that Olivia and I would spend our Thursday morning at home. Back up....Wednesday was a day of 'unhappy Olivia.' I think with any child it is hard to know what is wrong when they don't really communicate verbally with you, but add in adoption/attachment/grieving issues and it is like a constant guessing game! Wednesday we met our friends Traci and Landon for a walk and lunch at Chick-Fil-A. She LOVES CFA so this is not an usual place for us to visit. After not eating much and refusing to get in her high chair it was time to leave. The high chair thing was my first red flag. I thought maybe she was just showing out or something? So, off to walk. We had to load back in the car to get to our walking destination. I think I must have gotten the wrong child out of the bed. She was not herself at all! She squrimed to the floor board of the car, hit her head on the roof, back to the floor board, out of the car to me to try to calm her down, repeat 3 or 4 times! It was like the ride home from the airport when we first got home. I was baffled! We went ahead and walked and she seemed ok. We got home and she had a normal nap. For the rest of the day, we stayed home and just quietly played. She even slept well Wednesday night!
So now it is Thursday and she seems fussy to start the day. I had already decided that I was calling the doctor if she woke up fussy because she was not acting like herself at all! Plus, she had a runny nose, cough, congestion and had been pulling at her ear. I wasn't sure if this was teething (She has cut 9 teeth since we have been home!!!!) or if she was really sick. I went ahead and made an appointment for 2:30 Thursday afternoon. I don't want to drag her to the doctor everytime she sneezes, but I wanted to rule out sickness so I could decide if it were an adoption issue. I did have to run to the bank, and wanted to 'test' the carseat issue. She got in with ease and sat happily the whole time!
We got home and my dad had come to paint some trim that he and John are going to lay this weekend. She was so excited to see him! She had dozed off in the car for a few minutes, but when I got her out she started kicking her legs with excitement. He came in before he left to play for a minute. She sat in the chair for a minute with me trying to get her to say 'che' for my dad. She just pulled up her shirt instead! :)

I don't know who likes who more?!?!?

When Grampy left, we headed for her nap. She went down fairly easily and rested well. While she slept, I got some laundry done with Oscar's help! Sad but true, since we aren't sleeping in our VERY COMFY bed, it is useful for dumping the clean laundry on until I can fold it! I look at the bed and remember telling John the night before we left, "sleep good tonight, it will be a long time before we get to sleep in here again." Those clean sheets are waiting for me! :)

I went in to wake her up so we could go to her doctors appointment and she woke up happy as a clown! We went on to the doctor to learn that she has a cold. I was glad we went because to me, that confirmed her fussiness! She must have felt HORRIBLE this week with all the teeth and the cold.
We left the doctor and went to get some yogurt with our friends Ashley and Everley! The girls always have fun together, and this time was no different! From there, I dropped her off at home to hang out with John and headed out for the first time by myself since she has been home!!!
I made sure I didn't stay gone too long because I didn't want to miss storytime or bedtime.
That brings me to today. We haven't left the house and have played all day! We went on the back porch for some bubble time while the sun was out briefly, but then came back in because it was cold when the sun wasn't out. I grabbed a quick shower and snapped some shots of what Olivia does while I was quickly getting ready for the day. Showers MUST be quick around here.

Even with a bucket of toys in there, she would rather empty the drawers and cabinets. I got more safety locks for the cabinets since yesterday when I got out of the shower she had fingernail polish remover, lotion, body splash, nail polish, face wash, scope, John's cologne, and Q-tips out. I figured it was probably no time at all before she figured out how to open all of that! Better be safe than sorry! Into everything I tell ya!
We are super excited about the weekend. It is suppose to be gorgeous and we are hopeful that some yard work can get done. We will see. Regardless, just seeing the sun is a plus around here!


  1. I put Bates in the bathtub when I shower. He'll play happily for about 12 minutes. I can see him from the shower, so I can peek on him. Don't know what I'll do with two....

  2. Oh man, the floor? Can yall,pull your mattress to her room or buy an air mattress? That sounds rough! Lol, she is into everything! Fun age, but at least she is super cute while doing it! Sorry about all. Those teeth, Ouch! Annelise has zero, we are all in for it! You are doing a great job with her, BTW! Go mama!