Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's new at 22???

22 months that is! This month has flown with a lot of laughter, some sickness, learning more about each other, and making good memories. Some of the things that have happened this month are:

1. She is sleeping in her bed....and we are in OUR BED!!!!

2. She no longer takes a bottle.

3. She threw up for the first time.

4. She walks around saying 'do tou' which means, "don't touch!"

5. She has learned how to walk backwards.

6. She has been held by family and friends. We left her for the first time yesterday with my mom. I had to run up to work for a couple hours. She did great! I on the other hand am not ready for that, but that's life.

7. She can take her clothes off and on.

8. All of her medical issues checked out!!! Thank goodness!

9. She took her first 'road trip' to Chattanooga. She slept both ways and was great!

10. She had her first professional pictures done.

11. She has visited both daddy and Grammy at their schools.

12. She is trying to say more words. Some of them are: Oscar, more, up, no, hello, down and continues to babble.

13. She has learned how to spin.

14. She has belly laughed several times. It is hilarious!

15. She hates riding in the cart at stores. That is an ongoing battle.

16. She is more curious everday! She climbs on EVERYTHING!!! (gates, her kitchen, cabinets, etc.)

17. She went to her first basebal game.

18. She saw fireworks for the first time and LOVED them!

19. Olivia loves to pick up my camera and make a "ch ch" sound as if she is taking a picture.

20. She tries to snap her fingers.

21. She had her first holiday with us. We had a wonderful Easter. I have imagined having a child in my arms several Easter's at church. It was so nice to be able to have her with us. Sometimes it is still hard to believe she is really home!

22. She responds to "no" some of the time! Hey, we will take it!!!! :)

Happy 22 months sweet girl. I am so glad that you are home with us. We are really blessed to have you as our daughter. We look forward to each new day with you. We love you!!!


  1. Bates can't even take his own clothes off!

    Yeah for Ms. O!! One more month under your belt momma!

  2. So proud of the progress the family has made!! I know you and John are AMAZING parents and Olivia is a very blessed little girl! So excited (still) for you guys! Love you!