Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Daddy's Day Off (2 of 2 - April 6th)

If daddy didn't work today,
what a fun day it would be.
We could spend the whole day together,
just my mommy, my Oscar, my daddy, and me.

Waking up to hugs and kisses,
that would make my morning great!
Mommy would not have to say to me
"Daddy had to leave. He was running late."

If daddy didn't work today,
we could all go play at the park.
Mommy could run and push my stroller,
Oscar could make new friends and bark.

We could go to Chick-Fil-A for lunch
then come home and go to sleep.
Daddy would have to be quiet,
mommy would say, "don't make a peep!"

If daddy didn't go to work today,
we could all play in the yard.
We could pick up all the sticks,
that sounds like it might be hard.

Maybe we could go shopping at Lowes,
or go buy some ice cream.
Did my daddy stay home today,
or was that a nap time dream?

If daddy didn't work today,
my mommy, Oscar and I would be happy and glad.
We would not spend the day counting down the hours,
we would not spend a single minute being sad.

We could stay out late,
and get some milk from the store.
Today I signed for some,
but mommy said, "We have no more."

If my daddy didn't work today,
I could take my bath late at night.
After mommy read my goodnight book,
my daddy could tuck me in tight.

I don't think my daddy worked today,
I hope it wasn't just a dream.
I wish my daddy didn't work tomorrow,
but his boss is just so mean!

~ Olivia


  1. i LOVE the poem!! So very cute!!!

  2. That's the sweetest thing I've ever read!!!!

  3. I love her worth the wait shirt!