Thursday, April 7, 2011

Playing in the sunshine with friends

Today we got to go to my friend Rachel's and play with her two kiddos. We played outside all morning! Olivia jumped on a trampoline for the first time and LOVED it! I, however, hope she doesn't notice the one in our back yard anytime soon. It made me really nervous! I think we will be purchasing a net for ours before letting her get on it.
We tried to take the kids on a wagon ride, but Olivia insisted in hitting and kicking poor Abrahm. So, we headed back to the house to have popcicles and a little lunch.
The boys were so sweet to Olivia. James Luke wanted her to play with him, so he pushed her in the little car. Abrahm was very gentle with her. They are only a few days apart in age! I think Abrahm might have been a bit scared of Miss Olivia by the time we left. Poor thing! Hopefully she will soon learn that we can't hit and kick. I have to remind myself that it has only been a month and a half.
Thanks for letting us come play! We had a blast!!!!!

Olivia was asleep before we got off of their street. We got home and I rocked her for a minute and then laid her down. When she woke up, her daddy was home. They went to the store, and then we had a nice dinner at home. We just played and hung out at home tonight which was really nice! We took Oscar on a walk around the block and Olivia had a ton of fun running around. Hopefully she will sleep better tonight. We were up last night from 3:30-5:30 with screaming. Fun times! :)

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