Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How is the sleeping move going??? (1 of 2 April 6th)

Well, the big question has been how has Olivia slept since John and I have moved to the hall? The first night was great! She only woke at 2:15 and at 5:50. At 5:50 I let her stay with me since John is getting up and ready for the day. Around 8:00 Oscar must have decided he was ready for her to get up and play! He went and stood over her until she got up. Last night on the other hand was not so great. She started waking up at 12:40 and was up at least every hour after that the remainder of the night. Luckily, when she joined us at 6:00 she slept until 8. Hopefully tonight will be better. We have spent the better part of the day outside, so I am hoping she is exhausted and sleeps really well.

Here are the few shots that I took the last couple days. We haven't really done too much during the day since daddy is at work, but check out our next post. Olivia wanted to share her "thoughts" about daddy leaving every day. :)

She is in to putting on everyone's shoes.

She walks backwards when pulling her duck. She likes to watch him "walk."

She will randomly put her hat on and walk around. I was hanging up her clothes and she decided it was time for her hat.

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