Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

We spent our Saturday at the zoo. We went to do the egg hunt, but we missed it and it was SO crowded that we didn't mind.

It was a gorgeous day! We came home for a nap and then went to the Sounds game. We weren't sure that she would make it through the first inning, much less the entire game! To our surprise, she made it. I think it was the constant entertainment of Everley and Erin! :) She had fun eating cotton candy, dip n dots, foot long corndog, fries, and chicken tenders. We enjoyed the game with several Guild Gators from our school spring reading program. After the game they had a great firework show. We weren't sure how this would go either, but live and learn, right? Well, she LOVED them!!! She was reaching out to try to grab them. Do I have any pictures of this fun night? Well, no....ding dong left the camera in the car! UGH!

We got up Sunday morning for early service, so we didn't have time to see what the easter bunny left before heading off to church. She did great at church this week!! Maybe we need to become early service goers? We came home and got a few pictures and then let them (yes, Oscar too) open their baskets. I posted two pictures of us because notice the choke hold she has on poor Oscar! What a good boy he is!
They both seemed more interested in the other ones basket. Typical! They seemed to really love what the bunny brought. We asked my parents to come get Oscar so he could head to their house for the afternoon, so we got a couple pictures with them, too!

After a quick nap and sitting in the closet for a few minutes during a storm, we headed out to Johns' mom's house. We had a great lunch and the kids (all kids under 21 mandatory participation :)) had an egg hunt. As you can see below, Olivia figured out at Mia and Macy's birthday party that the eggs have stuff in them. She was too busy trying to get the candy to look for more eggs. At one point, she was looking right at us and had her hands in her basket trying to open more candy. We had told her no more, so she thought she was being sneaky. She spotted Belle, and went to see her. She got licked in the face and squealed with excitement! We all went inside to see all the candy the kids got.

After visiting a bit more, we headed off to my parents house. We got there and luckily it was half time of the preds game so we could have our egg hunt. Priorities, right? :) Again, Olivia was much more interested in one or two eggs and the candy that they had in them. Annelyn was a pro and scooped them right up, but was so sweet to come and put some in Olivia's basket.
We came in and the bunny had also visited Grammy and Grampy's house. Oscar was very interested in the baskets. Olivia got lots of goodies as did Annelyn. We ate a another excellent meal and then it was time to dye easter eggs. Olivia was randomly interested. She would dip an egg for a while and then go play and return. We do have some pictures, but Olivia was topless and I don't think she would appreciate me sharing. :) We will keep those to ourselves, but they are pretty cute! Here is one of our big girl dying her eggs. I look back at past Easter's and can't get over how much Annelyn has changed!
It was late so we headed home after egg dying and she slept pretty well.

Guess what? She went to bed without a bottle!!!! (since this post has taken me ALL DAY to work on, I can now say that she has done this twice!) YAY!!!! This could be the beginning of no more bottles, but we will see.

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  1. First of all, that really makes me laugh that your dog gets an Easter basket! ha! Secondly, I was just thinking that it must be so very special to celebrate holidays and start new family traditions with Olivia! I love the big bows!!