Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sick AGAIN and playing with friends!

Well, our poor girl is sick yet again. It is the same crud, but this time she has been choking and gagging on all of her drainage. She can't sleep it is so thick in her throat. We went to the doctor on Tuesday. It seemed to come out of no where this time! On Wednesday I called the doctor to tell him she was no better if not worse and couldn't rest. He, thankfully, called in some medicine. We have been up most of the night the last three, and I am hopeful that she is on the mend today. I think the best thing has been going in the bathroom at night and making it as hot as possible so she can breathe in the steam. Yesterday I got so tired that I had to call in back up. This was the first time that I have been able to do this because of our 'rules.' Dad graciously came over and played for a bit so I could grab a little sleep. I was feeling sick, too, but I think it was just exhaustion. Where are we on the rules? Well, we are letting our parents pick her up if she comes to them. They are still not to offer food or change her. She is very comfortable with them now, and so we wanted to let this happen slowly. I am going to have to start having them over and me doing something else and them taking care of her to ease into leaving her in August. Oh how I dread leaving her! I do love my job, but I love being here, too. Teaching has to be the best job possible to be able to get the best of both worlds.
Thank you again to ALL who have been so supportive of our 'rules.'
I, we have been home the last few days and while it has just been us, we got to keep the twins while Traci took Landon to his two year checkup. We had a ton of fun. I must say, we sounded a bit like a TB ward since they are fighting the same crud. They are already on antibiotics, so we should be good! :) Here are some of the pics we took while they were here.

Olivia really wanted to help, but then she seemed to want to be their size, too. I was holding Whitney and Olivia scooted herself right into my lap. Jealous much? Well, it kinda made me feel good though. :) This attachment stuff is hard and I know I will question it for a while because that is my personality.

Well, after another rough night, we woke up this morning to an owl on our front porch! What? Yes, an owl!!! We sat at the window and watched him until animal control got here. He was trying to come through the glass door. Poor thing! The man said that he was going to take him out to the woods and let him go, but I worry because he was just a baby. What if his mamma is looking for him?

On a VERY happy note.....we have slept in our own bed the last two nights!!!!! Thank goodness! We leave on lights to light the way to our bed and we have lamps on in our room for her, but stil, WE ARE IN A BED! WOOOHOOOOO! She knows where to come to find us and I have my monitor so I can get to her as soon as she gets up. I am going to get some night lights today to light the hallway and our room and hopefully turn off one a week or every other week? I don't know yet. I have really tried to document our sleeping so we can look back when we bring our next one home. I feel like Olivia likes her little bed and will eventually sleep through the night. Right now, since she doesn't feel well, sleeping is a bit on hold. Hopefully next week we can really get a routine. Yay for a big comfy bed!

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  1. YAY for sleep in YOUR bed!! Wootwoot!!!!! You guys are doing great and you're an inspriation to me so I know you're an inspiration to all the adoptive parent friends you've made!