Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Mia and Macy

Yesterday we went to Chattanooga for two special birthday parties. Mia and Macy bn(cousins) turned 3! They are two weeks apart, so what better way to celebrate than having a joint birthday party?! When we went last year, I kept thinking, "Olivia will get to do this next year!!!"
We always have fun when we are with my family and there are always a TON of good laughs! Yesterday was no different! We got to the party just in time for the Easter Egg Hunt. This was Olivia's first hunt ever! She did great with the help of her sweet cousin Annelyn. We went back in afterward to check out their loot. They all got a lot of great stuff.

It was time for birthday cake. We got the cake cut and served and then enjoyed! They were huge cakes and I am pretty sure they will be eating on them for a while.

Check out these next few pictures. We think Olivia ate 6 or 7 times while we were there. She would steal from other plates (see Mia protecting hers), we found her up at the table just grazing, I fixed her a plate and she ate it, she ate cake with daddy, and then we stopped for dinner on the way home and she ate well then! Think she may be growing??? :)

After cake, the girls opened their presents. They got some great stuff!

Since it was cold out, we stayed inside rather than going out to the boucner with all the other kids. Olivia found her own entertainment. She kept bringing us Mia's new toys, but we told her no since they were her new toys.

Cousin Harper just watched and giggled!

I got a quick picture of cousin Ian as he ran through to go outside.

Annelyn was busy running around with all the other kids, but I did grab this great picture of her.

One toy was opened so Mia could play with it. It was a Melissa and Doug 4 in one block puzzle. She got tired of working it and took off to her next adventure. So, my uncle decided he would give it a try. It took him a while to do this age 3 and up toy, but he got it! He has a brilliant mind, but these things are just too tricky! :) We all had great laughs over this! We told him the edges had the same color and John even showed him what the picture would look like when he was done. (that was on the bottom of the container.)

Olivia did make a new friend. She fell in love with "Mad Mad." This is Madison my cousin's sweet dog. Olivia got several kisses from Madison and thought it was hilarious! Madison looked at us like, "its ok, right?" It is amazing to us that she loves dogs as much as she does seeing how 8 short weeks ago she had NEVER seen one!

We did get one quick family shot today!!! Not the best since she was eating cheetos, but it works! :) As I have said before, these are my favorite days. We are not a big family, but we have BIG fun!!!! I wish we could have more times like these more often!

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