Monday, April 18, 2011

Movin' on up

John and I have made yet another move in the 'floor bed.' When I clean up the bed in the morning, I now am closer to our room than hers!!!! We are literally sleeping in a 41 inch area. That is quite cozy when Olivia joins us and Oscar snuggles in. Today hits the two month marker of being a forever family, and I am hopeful that by this time next month, we are all in our own beds!

We are making improvements daily. Olivia warms up much faster each time she is in a new situation. My only concern at this point is her language development. She was saying words such as 'more', but has now stopped and grunts. She chooses to say it occasionally, but it is still concerning to me. I am hoping since she has only been home 2 months and has heard another language longer than english that that is the reason for the grunts rather than words. It could also be that she is a toddler and that is something she can control? I know in Korea that she just had to grunt to get what she wanted, so that could be it too.
Olivia is feeling more comfortable every day here at home. Lately, instead of playing with her toys while I am in the shower, she pulls one out and puts it up to the sink and then stands on it. That is what toys are for, right? She is comfortable going from room to room, but likes to come back occasionally to make sure that we are still around. Her personality comes out more all the time. She really shows out being silly when she knows she has a room full of people watching her. I have yet to find something that she doesn't really like to eat. That girl can put down some food!!!!

Funny story to end the day. This morning I took Olivia for some Easter pictures. They had baby ducks and it was at a pond. I put her in her Easter dress when we got there. She had to have her warm up time, but she squealed with delight as the baby ducks swam around. She started out gently touching the baby ducks and then feeling the beak. She finally got brave enough to pick one up. Lets just say that one now has a longer neck! She held him out at arms length by his little neck. Poor thing! She then threw one. I told John she probably thought it was one of Oscar's toys. At that point, we decided the photo session was over, but nonetheless, it was pretty funny and cute!!!!

Happy two months home little one! Many more to come and many more good memories. We love you more and more everyday!!!!


  1. I love it when she stands on her toys to play in the sink....I find it so funny! So glad you are moving closer to your room!!! Yay!!!! Can't believe it's already been 2 months! Love you!

  2. So Cute! Can't wait to see the Easter pics! I am sure they will be great!