Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Telling family

On Good Frday, We called John's dad over and had a t-shirt on Oscar that said "I am the big broher!" We have had this shirt for a couple of years and been waiting for him to get to wear it. He didn't get it at first, but then we showed him Olivia's picture. He seemed excited!
We then took our computer to John's moms work and I just opened the picture on my desktop and showed it to her. She looked at it and said, "we got one?" and then she came around and hugged me and cried. (If you know Rose, this is monumental...she doesn't hug) :)
My sister came over that afternoon and we told both her and Annelyn. Annelyn is already talking about what she can teach her. Leslie seemed thrilled and said that she is making a blanket for Olivia and wants me to go with her to pick out the yarn. She said if she starts now, she may be done by the time Olivia gets here!
My mom called my aunts and uncles and everyone seemed excited!! My cousin called on Sat. and we talked for an hour and a half about all the exciting things happening.
On Sunday we shared the news with the rest of John's family. After a wonderful Easter lunch, John went out to the car and put Oscar's shirt on him. His sister Amy was outside and walked in talking about how cute his shirt was and how he is a big brother. She didn't catch on to what she was saying until she got to the porch. Then she said, "b-b-b-ig brother!!! He is?" She was thrilled! The rest of the family wanted all the information they could get. It was a great feeling sharing with them about our daughter!

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