Monday, April 26, 2010


When I got done with my blog post, I traveled over to my email. I had one from CHSFS. It was explaining all the unfortunate events that have happened in the Korea program over the last week. As I read, I came to a part that says if your paperwork was sent to Eastern on or before April 4, 2010 that your time to travel would not change. The travel time would still be the time you were told (6 to 8 mos.)

Our paperwork was received at Eastern on April 13, 2010. We missed the deadline by 8 days. If that isn't salt to a wound, I don't know what it!


  1. Laura, my heart goes out to you. I have being whining and I am blessed to only wait 6-8 months. Now that I'm a follower I will keep up to date on the blog and am here if you need anyone. Praying for your family and Olivia!!

  2. We are waiting for our file to be sent. It is pretty disheartening to hear that things are getting worse with the wait to travel. Is there any chance of going to Korea and spending time with Olivia - or would that make it worse do you think?