Thursday, April 8, 2010

The signing!

Well, today has been a BIG busy day!!! We started this morning running errands to gather more paperwork for the acceptance papers we were to be expecting today. John went to the bank and the Board of Education, and I went to school to get some pictures from my computer, talk to LT, and then to develop pictures. We met back at the house at 11:00 to head to Nashville to do our 'homeland security' fingerprints. I think aside from the workers we were the only Americans in there! They were very polite and efficient! From there we ran a couple of errands for taxes as we have spent enough 'out of pocket' at Nashville Fertility to help us on taxes! John's next agenda was lunch...heaven forbid we miss a meal. So we stopped at Taco Bell. After lunch we went out to Green Hills to look at the furniture we picked out at Pottery Barn Kids. We liked if from the catalog, but wanted to make sure we liked it in person. We did!! I think we will be purchasing it one piece at a time. :) We came home as fast as we could to find our Fed-Ex package on the front porch! We grabbed it and went to the bank. It is a lot like signing for a house. We had several things notarized and then have more signing to do tonight. There are 2 places that Stephanie has to sign, so I am going to go to Murfreesboro in the morning. Once that is ready, it is back in the mail to CHSFS and then on to KOREA!!!! Yay!!!
As we sat in the bank with the lady notarizing, I said... "I should have brought my camera." John's response was, "oh, your gonna be one of those people!" HA! Yes, I am going to be one of those people! I don't want to miss anything!
In the packet we received today are the original pictures of what we were emailed. I don't know why I got so excited over them, we have already seen them, but to have the hard copy just really made me happy! I have already framed one.
I am going to try to get John motivated to move furniture tonight and then I might paint. It all sounds good in theory, but my blanket is right next to me on the couch. :) We will see. Anywho, we have signed and placed her new name on her paperwork! It seems so surreal but exciting!

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