Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Getting the referral checked out...

Once we said, 'YES' we were directed to get her file looked at by a doctor. We hadn't told anyone yet which was killing me!!! So, I called the Adoption Clinic at Vanderbilt and grabbed the first appointment. I emailed her referral and we were told that the doctor would contact us on Sunday. Sunday came and the doctor called around 3:30. He said that her prematurity was her biggest factor and that there were some things to worry about when they are this premature. We knew what came with a preemie, but we felt like she is a healthy one! However, we only had up to 6 mos. of her development. Before confirming our decision we wanted to know how her 6-9 mos. had gone. The doctor was very helpful and we will see him when we arrive home with her. After talking to the doctor, I told John that I had to tell my parent so that they could be praying for her.

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