Tuesday, April 6, 2010

6-9 mos. development

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Hello; how are you.

유미의 9개월 update입니다.

This is the nine-month update for Yoo Mee.

Regular formula 150cc를 3시간 마다 한번에 다 먹고 수유시간이 긴 편이다. 이유식은 죽, 밥알, 치즈, 요거트, 사과 갈은 것 등 양을 조금씩 주면 잘 먹는다.

She drinks 150cc of regular formula every three hours. She does drink the bottle all in one sitting, but the feeding time tends to be long. For solids, she is fed and eats well boiled rice (porridge), cheese, pieces of steamed rice, yogurt, scraped apple, etc. She eats just a little bit at a time but eats well.

변은 하루에 1번 상태 좋게 보고 목욕하는 것 좋아한다.’

She has one good bowel movement per day. She enjoys being given a bath.

졸릴 때 안고 토닥거리면 잠들고 밤 10시에 잠들어 아침 7시에 일어난다.

When she is sleepy, she is held and patted and then falls asleep; she falls asleep at 10:00 p.m. and gets up at 7:00 a.m.

낮잠은 하루에 1-2번 1시간 씩 잔다.

She take 1-2 naps per day for about one hour each time.

잘 때 위탁모와 함께 바닥의 요 위에서 바로 누워서 잔다.

She sleeps with her foster mother on a futon laid out on the floor.

옹알이 잘 하고 '엄마'라고 하며 기분좋으면 소리 지른다.

She babbles well and says “umma” [Korean word for mommy]. When she is in a particularly good mood, she yells.

그림 집중해서 보고 놀 때 음악소리가 나면 좋아한다.

She focuses in on pictures [for example, in picture books] and she likes to have music played when she plays.

낯가림을 조금 하고 위탁가족들 알아보고 좋아한다.

She has slight stranger anxiety. She recognizes and likes her foster family.

배밀이 하고 누워서 발 가지고 놀며 배밀이 하다 스스로 앉아서 잠깐 버틴다.

She pushes herself around on her stomach and she can move from that position to a sitting position on her own for short time.

엎드려 있다 무릎으로 기려고 시도 중이다. 장난감 양손으로 잘 가지고 논다.

She is trying to crawl on her knees when she is lying on her stomach.

She plays with toys with both hands.

다른 아이가 가지고 노는 장난감을 보면 뺏어서 가지고 논다. 엎드려 놓으면 고개 잘 들고 바닥에 세우면 다리에 힘준다.

When she sees other children playing with toys she takes them away and plays with them.

Laid on her stomach, she lifts her head and holds it up well.

If she is pulled to a standing position, she puts her weight on her legs.

성격이 예민한 편이고 똘똘한 인상이다.

She tends to have a very sensitive personality, but she gives the impression that she is very alert and bright.

다음은 유미의 신체 치수 입니다.

The following are her current measurements.

*Jan. 27, 2010(7M) Weight: 5.3kg Height: 61.6cm Head: 38.5cm Chest: 35.5cm

*Feb. 25, 2010(8M) Weight: 5.95kg Height: 63.1cm Head: 39.3cm Chest: 35.5cm

*Mar. 26, 2010(9M) Weight: 6.4kg Height: 65.1cm Head: 39.4cm Chest: 36cm

유미의 udpate사진은 10개월 상담 시 촬영하여 보내드리겠습니다.

When Yoo Mee has her 10-month update, we will take updated photographs and send them to you.

감사합니다. Thank you.

** well, it is safe to say we ACCEPTED!!!!!

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