Friday, April 16, 2010


Well, the room is painted! I must say, I enjoyed doing it. It is fun to see a solid room go from nothing to something. I will show you before and after pics. sometime. After spilling a full can of paint (John didn't even get mad....he asked if I should get my camera to put it on the blog in the middle of us scrubbing. We scrubbed and laughed!) :) and painting, repainting, and moving animals, Olivia's room is done. All we need now is some furniture. :)

Also today, we picked up Olivia's blanket from Invitations Etc. and I fixed her 12x12 ziploc bag to send. I have a picture of everything that I squeezed into the bag. I am also going to add a disposable camera. If I put it all in just right, I can get the bag closed. It is impressive!

Spring break is coming to an end, and I hate that it is over. We were so lucky to be off these two weeks! We got so much done for Olivia! We are blessed in so many ways that we don't even necessarily even see!

Here are the pics....any suggestions for things that need changing or redoing would be great! :) I know I need furniture, curtains, and don't suggest those things. :)

Finally, a big thanks to John's Aunt Susan for the HUGE Melissa and Doug giraffe!!! We love it and we know Olivia will too! Your favorite nephew, Oscar, isn't so fond...he has been barking at it and got stuck in the room the giraffe was in. The giraffe was in the door way, Oscar went in not noticing it was there, but then was scared to come out. Poor guy...he isn't a fan of all the change! He will get use to it and I know he will love his little sister!



  1. i love love love her blanket and that photo album!! fit it all in a 12x12 ziploc? of course you are laura!

  2. Her room looks adorable! I'm sure she will love it!

    I know your kids don't test, but I hope you have a great TCAP week anyway!

    So happy for all three of you.