Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The first visit.....

Yes, it was the first visit of many I am sure. We had to go to the doctor today. Olivia has been pulling at her ear since we came home, and this morning I noticed that she had a runny nose to go with it. I decided it was either an ear infection or teething (she is cutting her K-9s). I called and explained that I was unsure about bringing her due to attachment and her HATRED of doctors (as expressed by her FM and the agency), but that I felt she needed to come in. I asked if we could come in through the back since we haven't been home long and they luckily accomodated us! The verdict....yes, she has the beginnings of an ear infection. It is her left ear and not the right, which is the one she has been pulling at. The doctor gave us a prescription and said to see if she begins pulling or fussing more. If she does then he said we will need to go ahead and fill the prescription. He said there was quite a bit of fluid, so we will see.

Before the doctor visit, she got to spend her morning with her daddy. I had to run out to get some things and met a friend for lunch. They seemed to have fun! Here are some pics. that he took this morning.

They must be having a big conversation!

Her new favorite thing is to run and slide on the hardwood right in front of Oscar! She thinks it is hilarious!

She loves the boxes more than her toys some days!

Oscar and Olivia are ready to go. Which one looks more thrilled to be in the car???

Yesterday we loaded up to make the big adventure to Lowes and then to my parents since we had not yet been there with her. When we got there, neither of them were home, so we just let her meet Buttons and Beau! Beau seemed particularly interested!

** I said all day yesterday that I didn't think she felt her best. Looking at these pics. really makes me think so. She was very fussy and just not herself.**

We went into the house and let her look around. We showed her the picture on the fridge that my mom's friend did for her back in November when we got her last measurements. You know, the lifesize one!!! :) I don't think she knew what to think of it!


  1. Which doc are you seeing?? I would highly recommend having her see Kris the Nurse Practitioner often. She is sooo fabulous. Although I like majority of the doctors up there : ) And if you need to go in the back door or get ahold of them quick, call my mom and she will help you out. Her extension is 288.

  2. Could you dress her any cuter? Oh my that girl is a fashion plate! You're rocking as a mom (and John as a dad). You are her best advocates! Hoping that the weather isn't too bad for Saturday night! So looking forward to getting the kiddos acquainted!

  3. Looks like things are going wonderfully!! I'm sorry to hear of the earache. However, you should be very proud of your mother's intuition. That is such a wonderful gift from God!! Had you not been so observant she would certainly be suffering.
    Carter has been counting down the days until class pictures. He is very anxious to see you. I told him maybe we'll bring a meal over soon?

    Take care and keep doing what you're doing!!

    Cindy and Carter Brown

  4. So sorry for you! We went to the doctor today too...chickenpox it turns out - exposed before we picked her up in South Korea...sigh...

    Good luck!
    Chrisa West