Friday, March 25, 2011

One year ago today.....

A year ago today, we received a picture of a little 8 month old bald beauty. We were so excited to see this face. I will never forget that day. We went to meet with Stephanie to discuss our process. After our meeting, we went to lunch and then headed home. We were both tired from the day, so we laid down on the couch. Soon, my cell phone rang. I said, "just leave it...I will call them back later." Then, John's phone rang. I said the same thing about leaving it. Finally, our house phone rang. John got up and said, "well, crap." He answered the phone and on the other end was Stephanie saying, "where have you people been? Don't you want your child?" John said, "are you serious?" She said, "um...yea, you have a daughter." I was still laying on the couch and he is saying, "you can't be serious!" He handed the phone to me and she said, "get on your computer! I am sending you a picture of your daughter!" Here is what we saw when we logged on!

I immediately knew she was ours! We NEVER expected to get a daughter and had already planned a name for our boy! We were thrilled!!! We looked over her referral as best as we could and immediately made a phone call to Vanderbilt Adoption Clinic. Thankfully, they read her file and called us in 2 days! I don't think I even needed to know what all they told us, as we already knew we were accepting her!
We got a couple of updates, 1 video and 4 pictures while we waited. It made for a long 11 months, but we made it! It was a leap of faith, and we would leap again in a heartbeat!
After our LONG wait, we are finally all under one roof! What an amazing year it has been!

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  1. You know how much I love this post!!! Adoption IS a big leap of said it!! An amazing, crazy roller coaster of a journey that teaches patience and faith lessons!! So happy for yall...and admit I can't wait till we are posting something like this on our blog one day!! :o)