Sunday, March 27, 2011

21 months!

I can't believe that our baby girl is 21 months old!!!! I still feel sad when I think about the 19 months that we missed, but I hope the longer she is home, the more that feeling will fade. Though we are still keeping her world small, for the most part, we are finding that she enjoys going and doing.
She is trying to say some more words this month, but has dropped some of the ones she was saying before. In some ways, this month has flown, in others it seems like it has been forever! I am trying to soak in the normal daily stuff because I know too soon that I will be back at work and we will have yet another 'new' normal.

She feels a bit under the weather today, so I am hopeful that it isn't a long night. She is very congested and has a TON of snot. However, she still seems to be in a good mood. My real concern is her little cough. If it worsens, we will have to go to the doctor.
I really don't have a ton of new news. My picture taking has slowed down, but I will work on that! :) With John not here, we are doing the normal daily house stuff. You know....laundry, dishes, constantly picking up the same thing that I just picked up minutes before! We both miss him being here!

She is running through the house playing with Oscar. They are getting to be really good friends!

Grammy stopped by after work. Leslie and Annelyn spent their last day of spring break with us. ALL (ahem....Oscar) of her grandkiddos were excited to see her. This was the best shot we could get with 3 moving targets. :)

They are even napping together. He loves to go in and snuggle with her!


  1. Aw! I love that they are napping together! So sweet!

  2. What a little miracle and look at how far she has come!! She is such a cutie pie!!