Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Going to the zoo!

Yesterday was John's last day home with us. So, we decided we would head to the zoo. I don't think Olivia really got it, so we will have to go back and try again. It was really crowded because several school systems are out on spring break. It was a beautiful day! Here are some pictures from our first zoo trip.

There were too many people around so she was shooting a glare!

She wouldn't look up because so many people were around. It was so crowded. We were waiting in line here.

She was not going to ride by herself! The ride hadn't started yet.

Looks like she likes it here, right?

And this is how we rode once I was told I couldn't ride with her. I tried to keep her up there on her own, but she was not having it! Maybe next time!

She was getting brave!

After the zoo, we came home and ate lunch then Olivia had a nap. While she napped, my niece, Annelyn, John and I worked in the yard. Annelyn quickly was ready to move onto something else, so we got out the bubble machine. She loved this!

When Olivia woke up, she came out to join the fun!

After playing for a bit, we headed to mom and dad's for dinner. We all went out for ice cream afterward. We had a great day all around! Unfortunately, John returned to work today. We all sat at the door this morning to wave bye. Olivia and I played at home, got some cleaning and laundry done, ran a couple errands, had lunch and nap, walked Oscar and then daddy was home! She was one happy girl to see him! I haven't taken any pictures today. It was the first day with just us two, and we stayed very busy. Off to play some more

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