Friday, March 18, 2011

An outside kinda day!

Today we spent the day outdoors! It was great! We met Traci and her kiddos to walk this morning. This is something that may seem like just another thing to most, but it is something we have literally talked about for a year! A year ago we talked about when John and I got our child home how we would get to go on walks with our child and her son, Landon. I refer to Olivia as "child" there because at this point a year ago we did not have a referral! We didn't know how close we were to that amazing day! Traci and I love to walk and as the weather warms up, we can't get enough of the outdoors. Well, spring came, we got our referral and Traci found out in April that she was pregnant.....with TWINS! So, a year later we took out with our two double strollers and 4 kiddos! What a special memory we made today. Yes, there is a picture, but I don't have it yet. Ding dong here forgot her camera and so I will post the pic. once I get a copy. :)

We left Traci's bunch to get a bite of lunch and then home for a nap. After nap, we went and got Annelyn to go to my school to play on the playground. We met another special friend and her daughter, Everley. Annelyn and Everley have played many times together and have always done great! Today, we added Olivia to the mix. We had fun! John came towards the end of our playtime and brought Oscar. Luckily he was there because Annelyn had a spill on her scooter and Uncle John came to the rescue. I took Annelyn back to Grammy and Grampy's where Grampy fixed her right up!
During bath tonight, I realized how many scrapes and bruises Miss. Olivia came home with from the playground. She never fussed, but she did take some falls. That is part of being outside and her age, I know, but I hate that she is all skinned up! She has a couple places on her little back from going down the slide so many times, and her knees are scraped from today and also from playing outside the other day.

She loved the slide! She went down one tunnel slide and I think that is what scraped her little back. :(

This is the scooter that caused Annelyn's boo boo. She got some pretty good speed on this thing!

Olivia is looking over to see what Annelyn is doing!

For dinner, we had pizza. John, Olivia and I had our own that a friend got for us (thanks Kim!!!) and mom ordered some for them. We had not planned on eating with them tonight, but after Annelyn fell, our afternoon totally changed. Annelyn wanted to lay on the couch and watch t.v. and Olivia would walk over and pat Annelyn's belly. Too cute!!! Somehow, we ate in rounds tonight, but Olivia was the consistant eater. I think she ate some of both kinds! While we waited for mom to get back with theirs, she had some applesauce. This is after 2 pieces of our pizza! She just nibbled on a piece of theirs, but still....she can eat!

After dinner, we took the girls to get ice cream. I thought this would make Annelyn's boo boo feel all better! :) Yep, I wanted ice cream! This was Olivia's first time to get ice cream like this, and she seemed quite pleased!

It is safe to say that we had one dirty little girl tonight before bathtime, but we had a fun day nonetheless!

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  1. I am LOVIN this post and those CUTE pig tails!! Looks like a great day had by all! So fun! :)