Monday, March 21, 2011

Vanderbilt Official Appointment

We got up this morning and loaded up to head down to Vanderbilt International Adoption Clinic. I said, "ok, lets go bye, bye" and Olivia grabbed her bag! Our appointment was at 10:00 so we wanted to be sure to give ourselves plenty of time.

We got down to the Children's hospital and found where we needed to be. After a short wait, we were taken to a room to wait a few more minutes.

Dr. Rothman came in and asked us a huge list of questions. When she finished she began the normal check up. She measured Olivia's head, looked in her throat and checked her heart. Olivia made it on the percentile chart! She is a big 1% on the weight, 28% on height, and 33% for her head. It is a start!!! :)

In looking at Olivia's paperwork, Dr. Rothman didn't see that she had had a TB test, so that was ordered. This was worse than the blood draw, but it didn't take as long.

Once that was done, we headed down to the lab for her blood draw. Olivia did great considering there was anywhere between 12 and 14 viles of blood drawn. She didn't scream, but laid her head on me and wimpered. It was pitiful!

We left the hospital and headed toward home. Before we could even get to the interstate, Olivia had fallen asleep.

We made a couple stops to let her sleep a bit and then stopped for lunch.

We wanted to get her something since she did such a great job at the doctor, so we went to Gymboree and I picked up a could things. Ok, ok....that was for me, but she will wear it! :)

We were right at the ice cream store, so we went to get yogurt.

Last, we stopped in to get a couple of books for her. We read two of them before bed tonight!

When we got home, Oscar needed to go out, so I pulled out a car I got her last fall. She enjoyed steering and riding most of the time.

Since she didn't get her full nap, after a good bath, we headed to bed 30 min. early.
Whew, I am glad this day is O.V.E.R.!!!

Tomorrow.....the ZOO!!!!

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  1. Laura,
    Olivia is just the cutiest little girl! I can see the biggest change in her just from following your blog! She seems so happy and content! I know you have had your rough patches but you guys are doing great! I am so glad though that we don't see you guys often because I could not keep my hands off that sweet baby! that picture of Olivia with her arm around our husband is priceless! So glad I get to follow along in your journey!