Friday, March 4, 2011

2 day catch up....

I didn't get to blog yesterday because I had bunco. We had fun, but guess what? I was the host!!!! Um.....what was I thinking? Luckily, everyone was completely helpful and understanding of my lack of organization. One of them even offered to take this month and host at their house! And Amy stayed and helped clean up because as she said, "I know how you are!" I love it!!! Yes Amy, you knew I would not go to bed until it was done. Plus it gave us a little time just to hang out! So, thanks bunco ladies!!!! I had a blast, and was really pleased to see Olivia be herself with so many unfamiliar faces in her house. For those that haven't heard or weren't here, Olivia did amazing!!!!! I was extremely nervous about this with attachment and all, but I have come to realize that this thing called parenthood is a bit of 'trial and error.' I knew that if it didn't go well, we would go back to keeping our world small and staying home and playing here. I actually was ok with hosting because it was in our house, during her 'happy hours', and a couple weeks after we have been home, and John was going to take her upstairs to play while everyone was here if needed. Before having everyone over, in my directions to our house I also gave our 'rules' for our attchment to Olivia situation. Everyone was extremely understanding to this and respected our wishes! As some have seen, we are not opposed to asking people to leave if things are not going well in aiding in our attachment. Basically we have said that if you cannot abide by our request then just don't come over. It is not to offend or hurt feelings, but it is in the best interest of our daughter. We are her voice at the moment. I just can't imagine how terrified she has been over the last few weeks! She has to know that we are mommy and daddy! I must say, I think my parents deserve an award for this! (sorry mom and isn't a cash award! :)) They are so 'on board' and understand the importance of this time. I know they are dying to hold their grandchild, but will wait however long we feel is necessary. Even sharing a hotel suite in Korea, they knew not to even ask to hold her! If you don't 'get' adoption, this all seems silly and unnecessary, but it is SOOOOO necessary, in my opinion. (trust me, I am NO expert!) My closest friends have all been wonderful as well! They have not come close and always ask before they do anything. Truly wonderful!!!! Well, I obviously I need to jump off my soap box for tonight and go back to the original intent of my post.....

So, here is the rundown of last night.....

There are 12 of us in the group. When everyone started to arrive, she clung to me and just observed. I told them to start getting food and went to change Olivia's diaper. While back there, she was totally herself-- jabbering and being silly. :) We went back out and she ate 2 (yes 2) chicken salad rolls. She started to smile a little, but was still having me hold her. She noticed that John and I were ok with the situation and the game began. She quickly went over to her toys, eyes staying on me, and began to play a little. Her confidence grew!!! She would play and then come back to me, and then walk around a little bit more. The last round, I was in the kitchen and we gave her dice. They showed her how to roll, and she thought it was great! I served dessert, and she was so full of herself that she put her face in her piece and looked up with a huge grin! I wish I had taken some pictures. The evening was over and she stood at the door with John waving bye-bye. I became brave (I was terrified most of the night that she may try to 'mommy shop') and decided that I would walk out like everyone else and say bye, with a wave. Luckily, this did not backfire! She immediately started crying and reaching for me. Success! She picked me out of a crowd and wanted me!

Before Bunco, we had made our small outing for the day and went to the park. We didn't make it the day before and knew rain is coming our way, so we wanted to get out and enjoy this weather! Here are a few shots for her first time at the park!

After a long, busy day, she went to bed (well, floor) and slept well. She has had 4 good nights of going to bed. I hope we are on our way to happiness, but I know she could be doing great and then have some more rough patches. Oh, for the past 3 days, she has slept in her bed for naptime!!!! Yay!!!!

That brings me to today!
First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN!!!! The one request I made tonight was for us to get a picture of him with Olivia. Did that happen, no. We decided to kinda skip our birthday's this year. (mine is next Friday) We figured we got the best gift we could ask for, and really, neither of us have had 2 seconds to do any form of birthday shopping. So, when I asked him what he wanted to do tonight for his birthday his response was to just stay home and play with Olivia. So, that is what we did! We ate leftovers, played and watched t.v. We did start Olivia on the anitbiotic tonight. The doctor said to watch it and I just don't think she felt her best today, and she was really tugging at that left ear. Poor thing. I hated to have to give her meds, but she obviously needed them. We usually go out to dinner, but with it being a Friday night, we didn't want to go to any restaurants because of the crowds. So, we went out for lunch! Olivia did fantastic! She ate really well, and never fussed to get out of the high chair. We ran some local errands and headed back home. This morning, before the celebrating could begin (I know, we are such party animals around here, right?!) I went to school to take our class picture and then to walk with Traci! While I was gone, John snapped a few pictures of my two favorite O's! I think they are becoming friends, maybe!

My personal favorite! They were looking for me to come home! (well, that is what I am telling myself. :))

Great news!!!!! Olivia signed more today!! We were sitting on the driveway eating lucky charms and I said, "do you want more, say more" and together her little fingers went!!! I was so excited that I don't even think I gave her more because I was kissing her, celebrating, clapping and hugging her! She knew she had done something good! She smiled so big! I asked her to do it several more times throughout the day and she did! Yay Olivia!!!!


  1. Staying home to play with your baby is the best!

  2. Yay Olivia! It seems like everything is going great...for now! We will just keep lifting you up with prayers and before you know it the "rough" will be over and normal will set in. It is pretty awesome to hear/read/see your endurance for doing what is best for her. Most people would just give in and jump back into to regular routines. Hang in there noone said raising children would be easy just worth it! Hope to see you at the consignment sale!

  3. Awesome!! It is so amazing "watching" her adjust and how she is doing so well. You guys are truly blessed and I know there are still rough days ahead but all parents have rough's the joyous ones that get us through! And, too bad you don't have pics of her putting her face into the dessert...sounds too cute! But I do LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the one w/her and Oscar looking out the door!! :)

  4. The Oscar stroller cracks me up! Love ya girl! Hope you feel better. So happy to see you guys tonight!