Sunday, March 6, 2011

Annual Korean Celebration

Saturday afternoon we headed out in the rain to go to the 3rd annual Korean Celebration at the Korean Methodist Church in Brentwood. We went last year and loved it, so we had been really excited about going this year. Olivia would meet all (well almost all) of her Korean friends and get to have her first real taste of *solid* Korean food. I hadn't really felt my best since late Friday night, but just thought it was a stomach ache or something. So, we got there and visited with our friends and watched Olivia begin to interact for a few minutes. We think she did really well!!! She would walk a few steps and then turn around and come right back to me! She met Silas, Noah and Bates and loved them all! Its a good thing, because she will be spending lots of time with them over the years!
Well, it came time to get in the food line and we waited a minute then all went and got in line. We stood there a minute and I quickly handed Olivia to John and headed to the bathroom. I didn't get sick, so I thought I would be ok for the rest of the evening. As we sat and talked, I began feeling worse and worse trying to tell myself to get over it since this was something we had so looked forward to. I really was excited about the performance that is after the dinner because the girls are all dressed in their Hanbok's and do an amazing performance! After we ate, Steph gathered all of the kiddos and we went to the stage to try to take some pictures. As we stood there, again, I quickly handed Olivia off and rushed to the bathroom. I was sick!!!! Oh no! Here we are at a great event and John is left with me who is now miserable, Olivia on a stage not sure of what is going on, and pictures to take. Luckily, MaryLeigh took the camera and John tried to keep the kiddos on the stage. I hated I didn't even say goodbye to my friends, but we had to go IMMEDIATELY!!!!
So, here is the less than desirable (somewhat comical) picture of the ride home. I am crying because I feel so bad and just need to get to a bathroom, Olivia is in the back (I am usually back there with her) screaming because she is not sure what is going on (this was her first time out at night--great!), doesn't have a toy, and is out of goldfish. I have said, and still stand by, no food while in the carseat, but in my panic to get her strapped in her seat in the rain feeling like I did, I let her have the bag. I will need to clean that out tomorrow. :) And....John is driving in the pouring rain saying, "do you need me to pull over? It's ok Olivia, it's ok." We got home (by the skin of our teeth) and I ran in and was sick in less than literally a minute! No other details needed. :) I hope I didn't share my germs!
I called for John many times, but he was trying to tend to Olivia and didn't hear me. If he came back to check on me, she followed and would begin screaming because she didn't understand why I couldn't see or hold her. I was freezing and very sick! I told him I was just calling mom to see if she could help me for a minute. She came over and got me some ice and sprite. She got me to the bed with a heating pad. This allowed John got Olivia to sleep and then took over with me. I felt so bad not to be in the room with her for attachment reasons, but knew that I could not be. I turned on the monitor and listened the majority of the night. I finally stopped shaking and quit getting sick, but was left with a horrible headache. I ate a piece of toast around 4 a.m. and took a tylenol. Somehow in this time, Oscar decided that he needed to walk around the block and Olivia woke up. She didn't cry. I just heard little feet coming down the hall. I didn't know that John was out with Oscar, so I wasn't sure what was going on. She went to the bathroom since that is where she saw me last and I sat up and called for her. She got in the bed and babbled something then we decided we would try to figure out where John had gone. He came back and got her back to bed and we all slept for a bit.
Today I have slept and still feel nauseous and dizzy, but John has covered all parenting events. He has bathed her, taken her to our weekly lunch date with his mom and 103 year old grandfather (this was the first time for this today--pictures were apparently taken on another camera), changed diapers, and put her down for a nap. At one point, I heard him say, "Seriously, anyone else?" Apparently Oscar threw up 3 times. Poor fellow! I have finally ventured to the den for a bit, but am trying not to get too close. I played for a bit in the floor with her. They just headed out to the store for a couple items and to give me time to try to take a shower. Poor thing, she just doesn't understand. I hope we haven't messed up on any of our attachment! She seems to be doing well with it, and I would hate to cause us to go back because of a virus! I have quickly found that when sick and there is a child involved that I don't have time to get back to feeling great. We will just go with feeling ok and have to deal with it. We will make it. Just a bump in the road!

We were suppose to have John and Annelyn's birthday celebration tonight here at our house with my family. Guess that one will have to wait, too. Maybe we can get it next weekend and add mine in with it! We will see!!!

Here are the pictures that were taken at the Korean Celebration. I heard last night was the best one yet! I HATE that we missed the best part. I did enjoy the brief company. (sorry guys!)

Noah, Olivia and Bates!

We need to use these chopsticks! First we gotta figure them out!

Sias, come join us!!! We can see you behind us!!!

Oh me! My child is eating meat on a bone!!! This is one of those things I just CANNOT handle!!!!! If she likes it, more power to her, but ugh!


  1. aww, Laura - I'm so sorry you got sick. :( But I do have to say that the first picture with the kids, it looks like Noah is in awe of little O. :) How precious!! Maybe she alredy has a boyfriend! ha!! Sounds like you and John are doing AMAZING at parenthood and I can't wait to see you soon!!

  2. YIKES...
    Hope you are feeling better. I know all about being sick and trying to bond with your child.

    I think you and Olivia will be FINE!!!

  3. Sorry about throwing your baby girl on the stage.... Not very social worky of me, huh? Shows you how "not worried" about you guys I am, though, huh? Glad you are feeling better. You gave me your germs though. :)