Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The first hint of spring

Before I talk about today, I wanted to post the pictures from our PF Chang's dinner Friday night.

I love this picture of Everley and her friend "Olivala" --it is so cute when she says it!

We had a great time and I am sure there are many more dinners enjoying these sweet girls together! Love that they are already getting along so well! However, we did have a time getting these few pictures taken. Where are those melting pics. Ashley? :)

On to today.....
We got up and I gave Olivia a bath. Typically I do this at night, but we didn't last night so I did today. I got her dressed and ready for the day. I had put my coffee (no longer hot or warm due to delay in getting to it) on the table and went to the kitchen not thinking about the drink since she was playing happily with a toy away from this table. She came in the kitchen holding the cup with an "uh-oh" look and had spilled the coffee down the front of her shirt, all over the table and on the carpet. (Reason number 6,390 why I need hardwood John, hint hint!) I quickly took her shirt off and rinsed it out then threw it in the dryer. Olivia kindly 'helped' me clean up the mess on the table and carpet. Before I knew it, the doorbell was ringing and my friend Emily was here! With Olivia shirtless, we answered the door! We had a great visit and really enjoyed Emily coming to visit/play! We can't wait until summer when these visits are more frequent!

John had gone out for the morning to renew his expired driver's liscense and came home with lunch. We ate lunch and then I went to put Olivia down for her nap. After nap, we decided to get out and enjoy the gorgeous day. We tried to help daddy clean out the flower beds and get ready for spring. It is amazing to me what could get done in one day with just me and John versus what got done today with our "extra help." ---NOT MUCH! Regardless, we had fun! We will try again tomorrow. It will eventually get done. My goal is to get the garage cleaned out. We will see!

Olivia was not impressed with these flowers. We tried to get her to smell them, but she was more interested in running!

She sat in this bucket of leaves to squish them for me!

What's in here?

She went over and changed the radio from Lady Antebellum to Katy Perry! She did this more than once!

And she started to dance once she heard this song!

Sucker break! She was quite the dirty little girl by the end of the day between dirt and suckers. We had bath #2 tonight! :)

It looks like she is saying, "Look Oscar, I can't get the door open!"

Once she realized she couldn't get the door open, she moved on to my phone. She took her hat off and then put it back on by herself. This pic. absolutely cracked me up. She looks like she is sending a text. Anytime she hears my phone ring, she immediately stops what she is doing and dances. If she hears it beep she stops what she is doing and goes to get it for me. Too cute!

We took a break from 'work' to go for a short walk around the block in Olivia's new wagon, so they are at it again...."some assembly required!"

Neither of them looked thrilled on the ride, so this is the best we could get. I have a few pics of her cutting her eyes and him looking extremely bored! :)

Oscar enjoyed himself today! He sat on the drive and worked on his tan. :)

Happy Early Spring! I hope you are enjoying this weather as much as we are!!!


  1. This absolutely cracks me up! Olivia and Oscar are too cute together! Brother and sister already!! and Everley giving 'Olivala' her hug his precious!! :) I enjoy reading your blog SOOOOO much!! Enjoy the rest of the week with this beautiful weather!

  2. What an awesome day:) It looks like Olivia has been home forever...that must mean you guys are rockin' the parenting thing!!

  3. I just have to ask-where do you get Olivia's big hairbows? I LOVE them! Amelia wears bows too, but hers are smaller and I think the bigger they are, the more adorable! And, I figure I only have so much time to do her hair the way I want, before she starts to resist. So, hairbows it is! :)

  4. Precious, precious, precious. Cannot wait to spend time with sweet little Olivia. She seems to be so, so happy...all of you do. What a wonderful blessing the three of you are to one another.

    Carter and Cindy Brown

  5. Melissa,
    I get her big bows at a local boutique. It is called Lizards and Lace. Usually, any boutique will sell the three sizes. This is as big as they make them. :)