Monday, February 28, 2011


Tonight we have seen it! We have really seen our daughter's personality! Boy does she have one!!! I had to write this tonight because we have seen so many "firsts!!!" I am completely and totally amazed! I cannot get over how well she is doing. Yes, she is still shy and timid out in public, as it should be, but at home, she is really opening up! When we accepted our referral last year, we said the whole time as far as coming home and adapting, "prepare for the worst, and hope for the best!" Well, we are getting the best so far. There is nothing to say that things won't/can't change, but she is really getting comfortable with us and her home.

Here are some of her cute firsts that have happened tonight:

1. She has gone to her picture that we have framed (one sent from the agency last May) and will point to it and then point to herself. She then will BABBLE some words as if to say, "Olivia."

2. She took a bath toy and ran down the hall giggling and laughing with me chasing after her to get it.

3. She is now waving "bye bye" and "hello"

4. She has been dancing and twirling tonight. She then falls on the floor in laughter!

5. She started babbling after dinner and has done pretty much the rest of the evening.

6. She is handing us toys rather than throwing them at us!

7. She is screaming with joy/laughter!

8. She is now smiling at the camera rather than looking stone faced!

9. She kissed Oscar. When asked where he is, she points right over to him.

10. We were looking at pictures saying, "mommy" and then pointing to me, and "daddy" and then pointing to John.

11. She put her hands on her hips AFTER undressing herself....because she wanted to!

12. She clapped!

13. She is blowing air out of her mouth as if to say, "whew!"

14. We knew she was a climber, but have *really* seen it today. She is climbing on EVERYTHING. She climbed from my chair in the kitchen, to Oscar's chair (yes, you read that correctly) and was trying to get to her high chair. She climbed on the top of the coffee table. She is climbing up on the chairs! Got to really watch this one!!!

15. She just went to a pic. and said, "daddy!" HOLY COW!!!!!!!

So, around our house, we have had a GREAT day!!! God is amazing! He is providing for us and holding all of us up in this difficult transition. I wish I could tell her Foster Mom all of this good news! I know she would be proud! How did we get so lucky????? Yes, we knew the day she was handed to us that we were blessed, but we had no clue just how much!

These are her emotions and behavior during the day/evening. Bedtime brings out a whole new set of emotions. I don't know if it is because she didn't want to go to bed or if it is grief. She will scream and then cry out for her "oeum." However, it only took about 10 min. to get her to go to sleep with a pleasent sigh as I went to the floor with her. (you know....the current group bed) :) I am hopeful that this too improves, but I know this is still new and that she needs time.

We are hopeful for tomorrow. I think we are going to try a walk at the park in the morning! :)


  1. Please, can we take a moment....
    she has a DIMPLE!

    Oh melt my heart. A DIMPLE!


  2. Praise God for an encouraging day! She is just beautiful! That little smile just melts your heart.

  3. She is super adorable! I am loving following your journey, Laura. It is awesome. I'm so glad she is feeling the freedom to be herself with you!! Praise the Lord for that. Continuing to pray for you!

  4. Praise the Lord! I LOVE THOSE DIMPLES!

  5. O.M.G.....seriously I can NOT stop smiling! My cheeks are hurting from the BIG smile on my face! I can't believe she said 'daddy'!!!!!! Ahhh!!!! I LOVE every picture here and can't decide which one to print to show everyone!! What an AMAZING God we have that you have been so very blessed! I am just in awe!! I can't wait to talk to you!! Love you!!

  6. She is so gorgeous, Laura!!!!! I am sooo happy for y'all and the joy that y'all are experiencing!!! Her smile will just MELT your heart!! :)

  7. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so THRILLED to hear all of this AMAZING news!!!!!


    I can't believe she said daddy!!!! I am sure you are just beside yourself!!!!

    I am continuing to keep you all in our prayers!

  8. How beautiful she is:)

    We had to turn the kitchen table chairs over every. morning. for the first two months our daughter was home. She would stand on top of the table and reach up and swing the light fixture! Climbing was definitely her thing.. Sounds like Olivia enjoys it too!

  9. Laura,
    All I can say to your lasts two posts is ......PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS!! What wonderful news. My favorite in the list of "firsts" is the one about her running down the hall with the toy giggling as you chased her. Love it, love it, love it.

    See you soon,
    Cindy and Carter Brown

  10. I think I know a little girl that is going to make up for 19 months of waiting! This is FANTABULOUS!!!

  11. THIS IS WONDERFUL!! She is such a beautiful her smile!! God is good and I am so happy for you all!!! Amazing transformation!

  12. I am beyond happy to read about her sweet personality! What a blessing she is. You waited so long for her, I love reading all about her! She sounds like a very smart little girl! I love how. She points to her referral picture. I hope Annelise does that, bet that made you smile!